This track has already been released, hitting shelves courtesy of Luca Lozano’s Klass Recordings in December 2012. However, it has since been licensed by Defected who’ve signed it for a re-release as part of a brand new remix package. So now we get another chance to enjoy Paolo Rocco’s breakthrough record with remixes from Yoruba Soul (AKA Osunlade) and Nathan Barato. Woop!

Paolo Rocco’s ascension up the ranks has been pretty rapid, but what some people may not know is that he’s been DJing for quite some time and only started producing a few years ago. His experience as a selector has no doubt had an effect on his musical output, all those years working the ones and twos has informed his productions which have gone down a treat with many of the scene’s best known names, including Damian Lazarus and Franck Roger.

Move Body Move Forward” was one of the releases that helped to get his name out there and it’s great to see it getting a re-release. The original mix features smooth jazzy keys, a gentle groove, strong yet subtle percussion and globulous baseline that rubs up against Paolo’s pitched down vocals. Yep, he sings as well – multi-talented producer alert! This was most definitely the track that made the world stand up and pay attention to Paolo and rightly so, it’s got just the right combination of soulful elements with the all-important danceability factor.

Next we have Osunlade stepping up to for the first of his two mixes. The Yoruba Soul mix is unsurprisingly soulful with live sounding drums, beautiful twinkles and arpeggios that dance around the vocal like dainty little imps. The pace is slow and laid back and the whole thing feels almost dreamy. The dub mix is more purposeful and stripped back, with a spoken-word sample midway through and a more insistent groove.

Nathan Barato puts his usual tech house spin on the track with rolling breaks that lock you in from the start, and a deadly infectious groove that you’ll find it very difficult to try and resist. He chops up the vocal so it doesn’t actually make any sense any more and the snippets are more of an accompaniment to the beats and baseline.

Overall a very respectable package. The original is still the best though.

Text: Marcus Barnes

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