Let’s face it, we all know it’s really not very easy to make it in the music business. Which means those who become a success must count themselves extremely lucky. As time goes on and the music becomes more and more popular, it gets even tougher out there – the market is increasingly saturated which means it takes a lot more to break through. But that’s all good, if it was too easy we’d have an influx of DJs and producers who were substandard. Instead we have a scene that is full of natural talents, who’ve worked tirelessly to carve out a niche for themselves and to leave an impression on our world.

Ibiza is probably the toughest place in the world to try and make your presence felt on electronic music. It’s an island where careers are made, where only the strong survive and where the select few see their dreams come true. Emerging Ibiza is a new concept that aims to shine a light on some of the scene’s up and coming talents, giving them a chance to prove their worth on the White Island.

They will be chosen by a panel of dance music luminaries, including: Circus boss Yousef, ViVA Music label head Steve Lawler, Brazilian DJ, producer and D-Edge Club owner Renato Ratier, Ibiza regulars and Flying Circus chiefs Audio Fly, Detroit’s Visionquest members Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss, plus 8Bit boss Nick Curly, founder and artistic director of Ushuaia Yann Pissenem, established island promoter and DJ Chris Bones, and IMS co-founders Danny Whittle and Ben Turner.

These experts will select their own choices to take part in the Emerging Ibiza series of events, with a ‘Wild Card’ entry also in the running. Anyone who hasn’t been chosen and fancies their luck should upload their own 30-minute mix to Mixcloud, which will then be judged by the panel.

The overall winner will be invited back to Ibiza to take part in the series of Emerging Ibiza events that’ll take place in Ibiza between June and September.

Got to www.emergingibiza.com for more information!