We’re big fans of garage-esque house music over here at Deep House London. We grew up on the UKG sound that was so prevalent in the mid to late 90s, so it’s always great to hear music that seems to be inspired by that period. Now here on Scucci Manucci we have a selection of eight tracks from various artists, mostly centred on a garagey kinda sound with a couple of exceptions. If you don’t know Sccucci Manucci, well you need to get to know… Here’s a perfect introduction.

So the EP gets going with Brighton producer Aashton and “I Can’t Shake It”. It’s a serene little number that takes its time to get going, after a prolonged build up, a bouncing, chunky bassline pops in with a powerful diva-esque vocal wrapping itself around the instrumental. One for the summertime crew, especially the ladies who’ll no doubt be singing along to the vocals. A Frenchman steps up next with his very first release, so quite a special one for both the label and the young lad who calls himself Maverick. “Wait For U” has slippery, sliding percussion working underneath jazzy stabs, a barely-there sombre bassline and vocal snippets that add that all important human element. They’re barely audible though strangely familiar, midway through they become a little clearer with a short breakdown which allows the vocal to unfurl slightly. The energy on this track is great, is considered, not too pumping and deep. A very accomplished first effort from Maverick.

Things get tougher with Mr Jackson Ryland’s ‘Tandem Tech” which, as the title suggests, has a more techno-orientated feel. The beats are tough and crunchy, an analogue b-line is unleashed a couple of minutes in and sets things off nicely. We can imagine this one going down a treat on the dancefloor. Screwface business. We head into garage territory with the Marsupials, an Italian collective and their track “Glider“. Skippy percussion, an engrossing bassline that’s hefty as hell, soulful vocals and low pitch stabs give it a proper retro feel – guaranteed to bring back memories of the good old garage days.

Those summery vibes continue with Montel and his track “Lemme Hold U“, which samples “It’s So Good” by Creative Force (AKA Victor Samonelli), which was released over 20 years in 1993! It’s a classic vocal and Montel works in into his track with panache. Montel’s track has more of a laid back flow than Samonelli’s original, but still encapsulates the garage style with its bumping bassline and captivating pads. Just over 2 minutes he injects some verve into proceedings with some good old rave stabs. Definitely a firm favourite here at Deep House London! Up next is London based Mr. Kavalicious who brings the deepness with “Moving To You“, which has more of that garage/RnB flavour flowing through it. We can imagine this one getting boys and girls together for a bit of bump n grind on the dancefloor, one for lovers. A sultry bassline, more of that infectious skipping percussion and the vocals will guarantee some heavy petting at the very least.

Music Is Love affiliate Mikki Funk goes to town with his sensual slice of retro-leaning house, entitled “Love Inside” and featuring vocals from Albert Vogt. This is a real homage to the groovy, sexy garage music of days gone by with crisp contemporary production values meaning the bass is clear and on point, the clarity in the vocals and everything else is far better than most tracks that were made of this ilk 20 years ago. Very nice.

Last up is B Moe (an alias of someone better known…). His track “Gambino” is a great way to finish things up on this excellent V/A, superlative production with layered percussion and a stomping b-line together with perfectly placed hip hop and RnB samples and fantastic progression throughout. Anyone with a keen ear could probably work out what other project B Moe works on, but we’re not going to say.

Kudos to the Sccucci Manucci gang, this is a superbly curated collection of tracks from the new and old school.

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Nine Bows EP

Various Artists – The Nine Bows EP (SCCUCCI 009) by Sccucci Manucci