France is always a reliable source of good quality music. In recent years their house music scene has become one of the best in the world, with players like Apollonia, Djebali, Franck Roger, D’Julz and many more helping to establish a strong and vibrant scene in Paris. One of our favourite labels based in the French capital is Rue De Plaisance, which is owned by the mighty Varoslav. Here we have the label’s latest release, which has been produced by Alan Doe, who is based in Berlin.

The Kalinowska EP kicks off with the title track “Kalinowska” a 7-minute jaunt which works off an organic sounding double bass strum combined with light piano keys and a general ‘live’ feel throughout. There’s a slight celestial air present throughout, thanks to the odd hint of a bleep here and there. It’s an odd combination but it works.

The next track is more upbeat. Entitled “Pathetic“, it’s a rolling techy track that bounds along with a smooth swathe of pads sweeping over the technoid bassline. The pads grow in stature as the track progresses becoming more and more wistful and engrossing. One of those ‘journey’ type tracks that progresses to the point where you’re almost traveling with it.

Tokyo” is a downbeat, track with a gruff bassline and simple composition. There’s a lot of detail in the background, but it gives the impression that its quite minimal, thanks to the simplistic nature of the track. Very difficult to pull off but well done by Doe. Last up, “Unpeuple” is a sombre, forlorn piece of a music with a droning bassline and melancholy stabs – again, the progression takes you on a journey as a variety of FX come into play and create a depth that is difficult to resist.

A sublime EP.

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Kalinowska EP

R2P013 BY ALAN DOE-KALINOWSKA EP (extracts) by Rue de Plaisance Cloud