German artist Till Krüger shot to fame when esteemed veteran Sven Väth put two of his productions on his annual Cocoon Mix in 2010. His music is always wonderfully unique, so we asked him to let us know 10 albums that have inspired him musically for his new “Twain” LP – out today on his label Quite Needless…

Portico Quartet – Impressions (Monument)

Lovely tune and a fantastic band. Just great music. The main melody has a unique, characterful sound. Their music is pretty complex but great to listen to. Would be great to see them live someday.

Tycho – Outer Sunset (Simulcast)

Tycho has made so many great tracks and albums. This tune is one of my favorites. He always has great melodies. All parts of this song work well together. Tycho‘s arrangements are never boring.

Nils Frahm – Me (Screws)

This track is just an example of his work. His sound has this kind of gracefulness and a special lofi character. I‘ve been to one of his shows. Great to see how his music brings together a lot of different people.

Max Richter – Spring 1 (The four seasons – Vivaldi recomposed)

Max Richter is a great composer. I‘ve seen Daniel Hope playing this album live. They played the original Vivaldi versions and after a break the recompositions. That was a beautiful experience.

James Ruskin – Scene (The Dash)

My alltime favourite Techno album. I really like how the opening track evolves. The main synth sequence is pretty cool. If I had to describe my defintion of Techno with one track, this would be my pick.

Aphex Twin – Xtal (Selected Ambient Works)

Aphex Twin’s music is always an inspiration. Here with his classic album „selected ambient works“. I‘ve heard this album so many times. Hard to imagine that he wrote these tracks in a time when this kind of music didn‘t really exist.

Deepchord – Radio Netherlands (Ultraviolet Music)

There is so much ambience in his music. The groove and the little melody sequence in this tune perfectly interact to my taste. I really enjoy a lot of his work.

Kiasmos – Blurred (Blurred)

Everybody likes their music. But it is just awesome. The islandic duo has made wonderful tracks. They took the combination of classical and electronic music to a new level. Their music is just so natural.

Four Tet – Baby (Sixteen Oceans)

An amazing producer. This album came out when I was about to start working on my LP. The video is also really cool. Four Tet can do so much with just some little things.

Interstellar – Cornfield Chase (Interstellar soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer‘s music is made to touch a wide audience. He has made a lot of amazing film scores. I don‘t like everything he does but Interstellar is amazing. I am also a fan of Christopher Nolan‘s movies.