Jamila Brown


Shutter Space Queen Bee.

How long working at Oval Space?
Six months.

Previous experience in the nightlife industry??
Cut my teeth with the Lions, Tigers, and Bears at The King’s Head Members Club.

Tell me a bit about what you do each night?
I’m the Gatekeeper – I know everything about everyone that’s going in or out.

What’s the best aspect of your job?
All the lovely people I’ve met – whether they are working, performing, or just down for a good time – Oval Space attracts some of the most wicked people in the whole world.

Anything that winds you up?
Ok three things… NUMBER 1: Faking your name on the Guestlist – Why would you tell me your name is Solomon Wilkinson when it obviously isn’t? I know Solomon Wilkinson! He’s singing Mariah Carey in the Cloakroom! Grrrrr!

NUMBER 2: If you’ve been kicked out, to quote the timelessly wise Fresh Prince of Bel Air “You ain’t gotta go home, but you need to get the hell up out of here.” So seriously, just fuck off. Don’t tell me the same story over and over again – I will not let you back in – so stop wasting your time and just go somewhere else. It’s a win win for us all really.

NUMBER 3: This doesn’t wind me up so much as it just perplexes me… Why do English people not carry ID with them? I always have at least 3 forms of ID on me even if I’m just at Tescos in my pajamas but DEFINITELY if I’m going out. It just astounds me that anyone would show up to a place where it is 100% likely you will get asked for your ID card to gain entry, without said ID card and then moan that they can’t get in… Seriously?!

What can the general public do to make your job easier/better?
Bring your ID and always tell me how nice I look. I also accept compliments in the form of fine silks and exotic chocolates.

Any funny/weird incidents you can tell me about?
This isn’t funny or weird so much as it is awesome. We had a Disco Dodgeball event earlier this year, which was basically a big drunken fancy dressed free for all between tons of top London industry people throwing balls at each other (“Not in the Face!”). So at the end, when we were all REALLY drunk, the DJ says that someone has lost the diamond out of their engagement ring and if any one finds it please bring to the decks. By this time we had already ended a very heated four-hour long dodgeball battle so as you can imagine the floors were absolutely covered in confetti, glitter, bits of fancy dress, beer, sweat, blood and tears (lovely). But nonetheless, everyone in their ridiculous get ups got on their hands and knees and scoured the floor – and believe it or not they actually found the diamond! Amazing!

Hopes/dreams for the future?
In my real life I’m half of an event production team, so new and exciting projects and experiences are always at the forefront of my mind. We’ve had a big year already but got plenty more in store – check out what we are up to next on Facebook // Notfall Productions. #shameless