Nail has attained cult status thanks to his impeccable productions, his work as part of the legendary duo Bent and his recent reappearance after a hiatus a few years back. His tracks are played by many of the house scene’s most respected selectors from Zip to Apollonia and his music is always on point. On that note we bring your attention to the 3rd installment in his ‘A-Block Trax’ series on Phil Weeks’ label Robsoul.

This four-track package is the latest in a series which has never failed to impress the Deep House London team. It kicks off with “Together”, a track which features rolling percussion in typical Nail style, almost organic sounding in its composition… it’s a homage to disco and funk, as much of Nail’s music often is. The rolling beats are sound joined by a repeated ‘Get it together’ sample and then an ultra funky wah-wah guitar-esque bassline joins the fray and it’s party time.

This is followed by Nail’s ‘Reprise Dub’ version of the track, which flips the script with a jagged techy bassline, crisp 4×4 beats and analogue melodies.

“Say Whut” takes us back into the disco groove inducing hypnosis with its sultry rhythms and hushed vocals. Last up “Mango” keeps the funk flowing with its captivating bassline and barely there vocal snippet.

Super fresh as always from Nail.

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