If you’re based in London you may have noticed the odd billboard or poster with the slogan ‘GOT TECHNO?’, ‘GOT HOUSE?’ or ‘GOT DISCO?’ accompanied by a phone number, 07448323104, in bold white letters on a black background. With nothing more to go on than that, a growing sense of intrigue has been present online with numerous people tweeting about the campaign and very little in the way of clues as to what it was all about.

On top of that, a select group of journalists and publications, ourselves included, received a package containing not only a collection of cards with the aforementioned slogans on them and the phone number, but also a DVD, a card instructing us to call on a specific date at a predetermined time (today at 3pm) together with an cheap mobile phone, already charged and ready to be used to make that all important phone call.


As far as marketing campaigns go, this was definitely one of the best in recent memory. As much as we loved the Aphex Twin campaign earlier this year, which was genius – what made this one even better was the personal level they went to in order to get people talking. Having a mysterious package arrive, via special delivery, with an actual phone included was a great touch and really took it back to the old M25, party in a field vibe. Way back when the acid house movement exploded in the UK and the only way to find out where the next big event was being held was to dial a number and be given directions to a service station in the middle of nowhere, where ravers would congregate and then head off in convoy to Sunrise, Biology, Energy or some other such notorious illegal outdoor rave.

Finally, the speculation and intrigue came to an end this afternoon when XOYO and Skream revealed that it was a campaign to announce that he would be first artist to hold a 12-week residency at the club for 2015.


To be fair, we had our suspicions after seeing Skream tweet about it a few weeks ago, closely followed by his good friend Artwork. Even so, it got people talking and proved that, in many ways, the old techniques are the best. Having something tangible come through the post, rather than another bloody Facebook invite, was a revelation – as were the billboards and the sheer simplicity of it all. Of course, it was still hype-based, but had far more gravitas than an annoying social media spamming exercise and for that, XOYO and Skream, we salute you!

For more information on Skream’s 2015 residency at XOYO, go to www.07448323104.com