PAAX (Tulum) are an electronic music duo who have already had huge hits on the likes of Do Not Sit on the Furniture, Sol Selectas, and Earthly Delights. Now with a recent EP on Scorpio’s Music “Hypnos”, we caught up with them to find out about their current mood and situation in 2022…

Hey PAAX (Tulum), how are you, whats good and bad so far in 2022?

We are very positive. We hope that the current situation will calm down as soon as possible. We believe that this year people will be more open to new artistic proposals — ready to dance and express their emotions on the dancefloor and spread positivity everywhere.

How much has the pandemic affected the music you have made, the style and sound of it?

Honestly, we believe that the pandemic has given us time to continue searching for new sounds and continue experimenting with music.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

The impulse is the same as when we started in this profession: to communicate through music, to move the dancefloor by telling a story. When creating, the artist uses their personal context to get inspired. We can’t escape from dreams, and they are sometimes part of our music. We are not inspired by political issues but we do think and create from a social angle.

What gear do you use currently, does that matter to you?

Logic, drum machines, synthesizers — both analog and digital — emulators, lots of instrument recordings, some Komplete stuff, Maschine. Everything really, we change it around a lot. In the end, the important thing is to find the sound that you like and that identifies you, no matter where it comes from or what you made it with.

What inspired your second E.P. “Hypnos” on Scorpios Music?

For us, being in Mykonos for the first time was awesome, with such beautiful landscapes and unique sunsets. Returning to Mykonos time and time again, being surrounded by talented musicians and good friends — this is what inspired us to make this second E.P. called “Hypnos”.

What last made you happy and why?

We were very happy with our first E.P., Wallas, on Scorpios Music. To play the tracks all over the world and see the response from the people and the super positive feedback from other DJs was touching. It’s also very important to feel super supported by the whole label team, knowing that they work so professionally — taking care of every last detail and making us feel like we have freedom to create.

What makes you unhappy and how do you get over it?

Many things… but the non-valuation of the art or the artist, that today everything is based on quantity of followers and not on the quality of the artistic content — that gets us down.
How do we get over it? By living, accepting, and adapting to the fact that times have changed.

What is next for you after this interview?

We’ll continue with the promotion of our new release “Hypnos” and continue preparing music for our live set that we will perform this summer.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in your career so far?

In this profession, it’s easy to forget that the body has limits and careers are not eternal. We have learned and continue to learn to enjoy our profession, which is our lifestyle. We’ve learned to enjoy the moments and people that music gives us.

PAAX (Tulum) EP “Hypnos” is out now on Scorpios Music
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