The creative juices are flowing faster than ever as Mihalis Safras storms the start of 2017 with four back-to-back releases plus a return to London’s iconic Ministry of Sound. A Greek giant with a legendary beard, the vinyl purist is already established as a global player and continues to release progressive music via a roster of elite labels.

Mihalis Safras talks us through his new music as well as his Ministry of Sound date where he rejoins ‘Do Not Sleep’ beside label boss, Darius Syrossian and Nick Curly in The Box.

“Vinyl all the way, oh and souvlaki all the way off course :)”

You’re off to play Do Not Sleep at Ministry of sound next month. Is this a highlighted date in your annual calendar? What is it about the venue that makes it such an honour to play at?
As you know the sound system at MoS is one of the best in the world. You can’t compete with that, every DJ that loves dancing while spinning loves to play with a good sound system! Legendary club.

Do you remember your first time playing at Ministry? What is it like to be behind one of the best sound systems in the UK playing to the countries biggest tech-house enthusiasts?
I still remember that night yeah. I, as per usual, played with vinyls and I remember that they had 3 decks, all of them damaged, but wait, within 5 minutes they brought out 3 new ones. Amazing!

Is there anyone in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing at Ministry yourself?
Darius Syrossian, so we can do the stealth move together, he knows 🙂

We’ve already seen early releases from you this year with your 8bit track ‘Never ever’ reaching #16 on beatport, did this project come about quickly or have you been nurturing it for a while?
I played this track to Nick Curly and Gorge and they instantly loved it. It’s not the exact sound Im going to release in 2017 but seems it got some good responses. Whatever you produce, a groovy basslines will do the damage. Will try that on MOs too.

Your newest release, ‘W’ via Kaluki Musik, is part of a 4 track EP where you join Darius Syrossian, Montel and Solardo for the second part of the Smoke Signals series, what hopes do you have for the success of this EP? Can we expect to hear some of it at Ministry?
Well I will definitely spin my solo EP on Kaluki, which is punchier and comes out later in 2017. ‘W’ track is definitely one for the summer as it goes all the way on the sexy side of things 🙂 Expect a wild night.

Last year you received great recognition for your collaboration with Gene Farris on ‘Like This,’ and now he joins you for the second cut of your ‘In My Zone’ EP due in March via Relief. How did you guys meet and start working together?
Gene and I are like brothers. We talk quite often and I really love the person behind the music. We work quickly together, what is better than having a friend and a partner in this scene? We’ve known each other for about 3 years I reckon and he is also releasing music on my label Material. Keep an eye on it.

You’ve been labelled the vinyl master and appear to follow a strict #vinylonly mantra, where does your holistic approach to electronic music stem from?
I’ve been spinning vinyls for over a decade so this is what I do. I do not feel my approach stems from anything as it is so natural to me, like drinking water. Vinyl all the way, oh and souvlaki all the way off course 🙂

You’ve certainly been putting in the studio time with four releases set this year by April, how do you maintain this productivity?
Eating a lot of greek food will give you the energy to maintain yourself haha. Jokes aside, I think if you have a solid plan and you’re strict with it, then the result will come. Im very strict when it comes down to studio time, I don’t waste any minutes when I’m there.

With nominations for best break-through DJ at the 2016 IDMA awards and DJ awards in Ibiza, as well as sitting amongst the most chartered artists, according to Resident Advisor and Beatport stats, it would seem you’ve pretty much nailed 2016, what’s been the highlight for you and what’s the plan for the rest of 2017?
In 2016 I became a daddy so the highlight would be my baby son, but music-wise highlight of 2016 would be the remix I did for Marco Carola. Every DJ played it in Ibiza last summer so that made me quite happy. For 2017 you can expect tons more from what you have seen in 2016.

Mihalis plays for Do Not Sleep @ MOS on Saturday 11th March

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