SHIHA is an Egyptian based DJ/Producer with many years in the game. With a recent release “Into The Future” out now on his Clubbing Purposes label, we caught up with him to find out how the release came to be, and what else he has planned for 2023…

Hey SHIHA, introduce yourself for those who might not know.

I am a music producer, DJ, visual artist from Cairo, Egypt. I started my music career in 2006.

What’s the most important thing to get right in your own music, do you think?

That the idea, feeling, or emotion I am trying to convey is reached to the listener. I love when I play back my music for people for feedback and hear them say the same things I felt while producing it.

Tell us about the video that comes with your new single and “symbolizes the future and its impact on society”

Funny you should ask this, as I start by asking Chat GPT to give me different ideas or story boards to my video asking about the effects of AI and technology on the human race in the future. Let’s just say the results were not in our favour haha, so I decided to make a video symbolizing what the future could be…. A world ran by machines! It’s the fear that most of us have if this AI technology gets out of hand.

Are you self taught or have you ever had piano lessons to help with your melodies?

Yes I was lucky enough to have piano lessons and learning music theory when I was a kid. I’m a bit rusty now but I know my way around. I also played the trombone while attending military school 🙂

It does come in handy if I am creating complex melodies or harmonies for sure.

How do you write chords and melodies, where do you start?

I normally play them on my Keyboard or draw them. Depending on the technicalities required to achieve the results in mind. I normally start with whatever comes to my head first as the initial idea and let that idea carry out the rest. In the end I need the listener to get and understand the idea I am trying to convey in the track. Could be something very complex or yet it could be something very minimal, but for me it is the core of the track.

Where do the ideas come from?

I wish I knew! Normally ideas, melodies, or grooves pop into my head and depending on which comes first, I start with that and then the ideas keep flowing from there.

What gear do you use – piano or software? Does that matter?

Well, In my studio I’ve got quite a few analog synths such as the prophet 08, Moog Little phatty stage II, Korg minilouge and more. I have a Midas F14 analogue mixer. And I’m currently using Ableton Live as my main DAW. A Roland TR8S drum machine. Some of my favorite plugins are Arturia, Fab filter, Sugar bytes, and Omnisphere.

I also have midi controllers that I use in studio or I can take them along with the whole studio setup with me on the road if I am performing live. Yet again, I believe with a laptop, pair of headphones, and a decent DAW. Anything is acheivable if you know what you are doing. And of course that takes years of experience.

The pr says ‘”Into the Future” represents a new chapter in SHIHA’s discography,’ can you explain why?

It does for sure, for the past 20 years I have been dabbling with different genres trying out different sounds and styles all the time. I really like to be eclectic and freestyle with my sounds. And that is the intention by starting my own label Clubbing Purposes and start releasing on it. I never want to be associated with one specific genre. I want to present each release with its own identity. Package them right. For the music to be heard and understood as it is and not associated to the artist and his specific sound.

How has your sound and skills evolved since you first started?

Well I started with Trance in the early 2000s had a great run at the time but then I felt bored and wanted to move on to different genres such as progressive, melodic, deep house, house, etc.. And after a while I understood that I can not be bound to one specific sound and that I would rather be eclectic in my releases or DJ sets. My sounds now could vary from Deep tech/house, minimal, breaks, or techno and more. It all depends on how I read the crowd and how we are feeling at the moment. I also don’t like to prepare a set. Going with the flow has been my favorite thing to do 🙂

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

So as I mentioned before, I tend to be eclectic with my music these days. I have two upcoming releases this year. One is more on the Tech house side and the other leaning more to breaks and left-field. I will also be shooting music videos for both releases which I really believe they are gonna be massive. “Into the future” is just the start 🙂

SHIHA – Into The Future (Clubbing Purposes)