Cinthie is a well established force in Berlin: as well as being a resident at Watergate, where she spins vinyl only sets, she runs three much loved labels and collectives in Beste Modus, Beste Freunde and Unison Wax (with Diego Krause).

As such, Cinthie is a true leader of the underground house scene who also runs a studio complex in Berlin, and so is very much at the heart of the house conversation. She recently kicked off 2017 with a typically classy offering via Black Key Records entitled “House Rhythms”.

With this release out now, we thought it would be a perfect time to get Cinthie un board our mix series and gain some insight into the process behid the new EP, her thoughts on Berlin’s underground, and more.

“House Rhythms” is NOW AVAILABLE on Black Key Records

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You’re latest EP “House Rhythms” is now available. Can you describe what the first aspect of this EP was that came to you? Was it a particular sound, beat, theme…?
Well to be honest, when I made the track, I wanted to try adding some atmo as I thought my previous tracks were to dry or to empty. This is how I started the track, with some nice atmo in the back then programming the beat over and last but not least I watched a tutorial about creating nice pads in Ableton and build myself an instrument rack for further tracks. Then I was looking for some vocals on my computer and found “house rhythms” recorded on my computer when the boys ( the rest of the beste modus gang ) had an afterhour in my old studio and someone tried to rap over house beats hahahah . Not sure who it’s from but now it’s mine.

Why was the Brighton based boutique label Black Key Records the best destination to release “House Rhythms”?
I met Richard ( the label owner ) in Brighton when played there together some time ago and he asked me to send some tracks over. I never did but uploaded “House Rhythms” on soundcloud and he liked it and asked for more, that’s how he signed the ep. As I already own a lot of the previous releases I thought it would be a nice home for my tracks.

You are quite involved in the Berlin underground scene (to say the least), and have been for some time. I’m wondering you’re impressions on the city and how it has changed (if it has) over the years. Specifically, do you see it as constructive a creative environment now?
I personally think that I have left the underground when I stopped throwing illegal parties in Berlin and started writing invoices for my gigs instead. And I think that’s says a lot about Berlin. The wall came down over 25 year ago and while Berlin was a big playground with all it’s empty houses etc it is now pretty settled. It’s impossible to throw illegal parties now ( some districts don’t even have clubs anymore ) but there are still empty spaces you can use for a couple of years as clubs before they get knocked down or rebuild. The city is changing and everything gets more expensive but for an artist it’s till heavon on earth. Also people are super oben minded and you have some of the best clubs in the world in Berlin. So yes the city has changed a lot but also in some good ways. You even get support from the government as an artist and electronic music is now claimed as art.

Personally, I love Berlin. I find it has an energy that is different from others, plus it reminds me of my home of Brooklyn, NY much more than a lot of city’s in Europe. Do you still think it is an affordable and practical place for creative to move to?
Whoops, I think I already answered most of the question in the previous answer. What makes Berlin very special is that we don’t have closing hours here. That means the clubs can go on for ages. I don’t think you have this in any other cities in the world. And that makes it very special as you don’t have any stress to go out in time. Even if you fall asleep you can still party during the next day. When I spent some time in LA some years ago, people always told me that Berlin is the darker sister of LA. And I think that’s kind right as people there seemed to be as relaxed as people in Berlin. At least in Echo Park in LA. Unfortunately I don’t know Brooklin good enough to say it’s similar, but looks like I will be back in NY this year.

Aside from DJing and Producing, you also run THREE labels. Is there a particular aspect of your dance music fingerprint that you enjoy the most?
*That changes all the time but at the moment I am working really hard on improving my producing skills. The tracks are finally sounding better. So at the moment it’s definitely producing. But after the weekend it’s always djing and when someone is sending me tracks for the label and I find something I like, I prefer being the A&R for my labels.