Just a few weeks ago Amsterdam hosted the 19th annual ADE event, which was an absolute blast. Both Deep House London and our team mates at Deep House Amsterdam were in town to check it all out, from the insightful panels to the ridiculous parties. Our schedule was non-stop but, as always, a great experience. We caught up with Shadow Child recently to talk about the event, after his label Food Music hosted a room at one of the week’s best parties. Here’s what he had to say…

How was your experience of ADE this year? How many parties did you play at?
I only played one party because I was in and out of ADE this year, but it was wicked. It was at Westerunie, and it was great to be in that kind of company with Joris Voorn and his label, and Suara in the other room, because we’re small and still developing you know?

Yeah I guess it’s quite a big step for Food Music in some respects.
It is in a way, I mean the whole Shadow Child thing has been going really well in Holland – almost as big as the UK really. It was great to be offered that space at this stage of the label’s development and to be under the same roof as those labels, which are a lot more established than ours.

How many years have you been going to ADE now?
2006 was my first one, and I’ve only missed one so far, which was because I was at CMJ in New York. Apart from that one year off, I’ve been there every year. I love it, I’ve never been into Miami, it’s just not my thing – I’m not a big party head, that’s probably why! ADE has got everything really, regardless of its proximity to the UK, I would still go… even if it was in America. I love the vibe of it, the people who attend now are all the right sort of heads from the music game. Even if you’re not playing or if you don’t have something to shout about it’s still a really great thing to go and visit – the whole has got the right vibe for me.


Do you get much time to check the conference itself, and any panels?
I haven’t done for a while because, usually when I’m there I have meetings most days, so I don’t often get the chance to do so. I’d love to. Maybe next year I can spend a bit more time getting involved in those kind of things. The thing is, it’s very laidback, things get moved around, you meet people as and when you want, meetings get postponed because people have had late nights. But that’s what makes it cool, that relaxed atmosphere…

Definitely. Was it quite fruitful for you, meetings-wise?
Yeah for sure. That’s something I don’t want to delve into too much right now, but yeah it’s always good for that kind of thing. It’s funny, not to knock the conference at all, but it’s always the meet ups in little cafes or bars, ad-hoc meetings, that always bring up the more interesting conversations. If you’re organising something in a more official capacity then there’s that expectation to get stuff done. I personally love hooking up with people ad-hoc and getting ideas off the ground. That’s something you don’t get at other conferences, Amsterdam has that relaxed atmosphere and that breathes a bit of fresh air into everything.

Well, even though you may have those ad-hoc meetings, off-piste so to speak, it’s still ADE itself that makes it possible for that to happen.
It adds the right kind of energy that encourages the right kind of people to get together.

So, I guess you won’t be missing ADE at all in future then?
Yeah, definitely – even if I don’t play, I’ll still go. Just for a couple of days, there’s always something good going on. Actually, I’d say the only down side to it is getting around to everything you want to go to. It’s hard to commit to everything you want to do, it’s a big ask really.

That’s one thing I’ve learned from going there for the last five years… never make plans!
Exactly, there were people who came to ours and didn’t bother going elsewhere and people who were supposed to come but got stuck wherever they were at. That’s just the nature of it.

Have you been on any panels or would you like to be?
Yeah I’d love to go on a panel actually. I haven’t done that at ADE, we tried at another conference earlier in the year but it didn’t work out due to the travel arrangements. But I’d love to do it, I come from a teaching background anyway so it wouldn’t be a problem. Whether it’s doing the nerdy stuff, or talking about the industry or whatever, I’d be into that. Some people are very careful about who they’re talking to and very protective about what they’re saying but I like sharing things; inspiration and the creative side of it is better when it comes from the people who are doing it themselves but sharing my thoughts and feelings on something, I’ve never had a problem with that.

How’s everything with Food anyway?
It’s going great, we had a couple of changes behind the scenes this year. We’ve got a lot to come, our first album is in development with new exclusive stuff, which we’ve signed from various people. We’re going to do a series of those, maybe twice a year, and the first one should be out just before Christmas. We’re also launching a vinyl series, not an offshoot or anything, but limited runs of vinyl, which I’m excited about. Plus we have a UK run of dates coming up, so we’ll be out there on the road with myself and Kry Wolf mainly and some of the other associated artists. I’m really happy, I didn’t anticipated Shadow Child doing as well as it’s done and didn’t expect the label to gather the momentum it has either, so there are a lot of good vibes around.

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For more information on ADE, which celebrates its 20th edition next year, visit their website by clicking here.Climbin’ by Shadow Child and Doorly is out very soon, pre-order it here.