In the world of house music there are several labels that truly represent the sound it its purest form; authentic, credible and staunch in staying true to the original house sound while also keeping things fresh and contemporary. Local Talk is one of those labels, without a doubt a favourite of ours and many other around the world. Owned by Swedish twosome Tooli and Mad Mats, the label has made quite an impact in its relatively short lifetime and we’re very pleased to have received a brilliant new mix from them, together with a cheeky little interview, too! So scroll down and hit download, then come back up to have a read of this chat with the dynamic duo…

So tell us a little bit about the year so far for Local Talk… what have been your highlights/best memories?
Tooli: It’s been a great year music wise, lot’s of good releases and a few new faces were introduced to the LT family, a few of them are already working on new stuff for 2015. Kyodai returned and made a killer 12” with ‘Konbamwa’ and ‘So Special’. We did a label night with HNNY, Kyodai, Tim Vitá, Oliver Gehrmann and Xaver Hirsch at Watergate in March that was superb.

We took a trip to NYC and got to spend time and play together with Nik and Jacques of Let’s Play House. We played in the UK a few times, that’s always great. So, all in all a fun year.

Any clubs/countries/cities that have really impressed you?
Mad Mats: Well obviously Berlin is really hot right now with all the big clubs they have over there even though the city is oversaturated by too many techno or tech-house DJs with 0% charisma (but not only of course). The UK is musically more versatile but still hasn’t got the big hype as Berlin right now. But I guess the up and coming star is Croatia with all their summer festivals… good shit!

How does 2014 compare with 2013? What’s changed about the label (if anything), and what changes have you guys gone through yourselves?
Tooli: There’s been a few small things here and there, we’ve slowed down on the release schedule a bit and started working on a few things that hopefully will develop in 2015. There’s been a few releases with some very established producers that I’m very proud to have been working with. Luke Solomon, Eric Ericsson, Moodymanc and Son Of Sound – all are great producers that have been around for a long time. Eric being from Stockholm and did his first release on Derrick May’s Fragile imprint back in ’97, Son Of Sound aka Henry Maldonado released on Strictly Rhythm in the 90s (which is a bit special since both me and Mats often mention that label as a big inspiration).

Not sure if we’ve gone through any changes ourselves. We’re just keeping on doing what we’ve set up to do back in 2010 when we started the label, it’s more work perhaps but it’s also very rewarding with all this great music that we get to come across and release.

What are you enjoying most about running a label?
Mad Mats: Releasing music we really like and seeing likeminded people enjoying our releases.

Are there any negative aspects you’d like to speak about?
Tooli: It’s hard work, sometimes stressful but we’ve chosen this ourselves because we love music so I wouldn’t sit here and say it’s negative, far from it. If you want to set up a label – go for it. Just be prepared to put in the hours.

What’s going on in Sweden right now? And how about neighbouring countries… is there much of a ‘scene’ in Scandinavia?
Mad Mats: We’re actually not that big in Sweden as we’re a little bit too old school for the scene here…we’ve been doing it too long basically. At the moment it’s mainly really young DJs playing wannabe Berlin-style techno. All the real house DJs I know in Stockholm (and we got some really amazing house DJs here) hardly don’t get any gigs… kinda weird!

The label has become very well known in a relatively short space of time, what more do you hope to achieve with it?
Mad Mats: We just started our publishing branch and next year we will also start releasing albums from some of our key artists (Crackazat, Art Of Tones, Kyodai etc). We’ll also be focusing more on building our brand together with our main artists so we together can grow bigger, stronger and of course better.

What are your plans for the rest of 2014? Any big gigs/releases we should be aware of?
Tooli: Release wise there’s two 12”s before we say goodbye 2014 and hello 2015. We’ve got the second 12” from Crackazat with killer remixes from AD Bourke and HADE coming real soon. In December there’s the return of our friend HNNY. His release “Nothing” is a track we’ve been sneaking into sets and I’ve featured in some mixes, always with great results. Lot’s of people been asking about it…the very same reactions we’ve had from the Crackazat release so all in all we’re finishing this year strong!

You guys always seem to have your fingers on the pulse when it comes to younger artists, anyone you think we should check out?
Mad Mats: We just signed this young Italian producer called Corrado Bucci to Local Talk. He currently works as the A&R for Rebirth but will be releasing with us next year. This guy has great potential and I think his sounds will work perfect on Local Talk.

Outside of your label’s own releases, can you list five or so tracks (new or old) you’ve really been feeling this year?
1. Shanti Celeste – Porto Seguro
2. HNNY – Everyday
3. Esa – Umatic 3000
4. Fatima – Do Better
5. Mark Barrot – Baby Come Home

1. Jarrod Lawson – Spiritual Eyes
2. Dorian Concept – Draft Culture
3. Soulphiction – Mind & Body
4. Sylvester – Over & Over (Kon Remix)
5. Usher – Good Kisser

When we’re all resting in our graves, how would you like Local Talk to be remembered by future generations?
Mad Mats: As a classic but edgy house label that always stayed curious and never was afraid to look one step ahead!

Finish the sentence, ‘Without house music, I would…
Tooli: …go to bed earlier.

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