Tim Green has had a whirlwind 12 months with his Disc Over label hitting all new highs to the completion of his debut album. All this whilst touring the globe on a regular basis, we sit down with Tim to chat about the year and his up and coming gig at Egg LDN.

How has your year been, what have been the highs and the lows?
Great thanks! Highs have been completing my debut album and associated live band project. The lows have been the trauma of trying to finally finish the debut album and associated live band project.

Tell us why you launched your own label Disc Over Music? What’s the aim there?
Mainly to provide a platform for myself and friends to release music on. I say ‘music’ in the broad sense, as I don’t want to release just one style or sound. If it’s something I’ll play out, and something I consider great music, regardless of its style or sound, I’ll put it out. But I am very very picky, and the track really has to connect with what I’m into. I’m very passionate about what I release.

And how has it proved so far – you like it, is it harder than you thought?
I like it, but it’s definitely harder than I thought for sure, especially whilst trying to maintain everything else. Like finishing the album, plus touring a lot. But thankfully I have a wonderful supportive team behind me that really help out!

You also had a really great video recently – why did you decide to put the money and effort into that?
Well the concept and idea which the guys had to do the video was such a great idea. I only saw a small visual snippet to begin with, as a reference for me to see what it could potentially be. Honestly I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, in thinking it might not be interesting enough for a whole video, but they really turned it into something great, that fitted to the music perfectly.

[youtube id=”UK0QnfP2HSs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

How have you evolved and how do you think your tastes have changed since you first started producing?
I think I’m more aware of the sounds and styles I like now, whereas before I was very new to a lot of the music. I was still trying to find my feet in the electronic dance scene – a scene that honestly I did not know a lot about right at the beginning. I kinda got thrown in at the deep end. So it’s been a strange learning curve from my background. Nowadays I feel a lot more happy with the music I’m writing as I’m just happy doing my own thing and having my own personal goals. I’m pushing and motivating myself when it comes to writing music now, and not being too concerned by external things that are happening within the scene.

Are you always writing music on the road and such, or do you only produce when you’re at home and in a studio for a while?
Yeah only at home now. Several years ago I got the most powerful MacBook Pro you could get with the intention to write on the road, but I never wrote anything on it at all. I am just never in the right head space while traveling. I mean it’s not fun to write music on a plane, and it is especially not fun to sit in a hotel room doing music when you could be out seeing new things or meeting new people. Plus I just love the space and equipment of my studio, so I feel most comfortable writing there.

How long do you spend looking for new music each week, and where?
It depends really on how much time I have each week. The main priority for me is writing music in the studio and having inspiration for that. Sometimes however I’m not always inspired to compose music. So I’ll always be record shopping in those situations. I literally will go and search for music anywhere I can find it. Online, record stores, friends, YouTube, radio, demos etc… I try to not use the same process each time I am looking for new music, so to keep it interesting.

You play at EGG soon – where do you like playing in London, do gigs there feel more vital than anywhere else?
Fabric is definitely my long time favourite club. I have been going there as a punter for such a long time, it’s like my mothership, somewhere I can call home. It’s quite special to me. A lot of great memories, plus it’s such an awesome club. On a good night, it’s really the best I think. Everyone at the club is so lovely and like a family that really look after you.

And what’s your relationship with EGG like – how do you like the club?
Yeah I’m really looking forward to playing at Egg again. I have always played less frequently at Egg than a lot of other clubs in London, but it’s really nice to be back there again. Especially with good friends like Tiefschwarz, who I have known for a long time now!

What should people expect from you on the night, what are you into right now, will you have any tricks up your sleeves?
Well I hope people know by now that I play differently every set. So its hard even for me to know or guess what I’m going to play. But recently for the first time in a long while, I have been writing completely brand new dance floor material. The tracks are much more techno orientated, and I have several new tracks I want to play and test! So I think I’ll probably be playing a techno set more than anything!

Words: Jasper Price

Tim plays Supernova at Egg LDN this Saturday – www.egglondon.net

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