Full details of the speakers and panels the Rio Music Conference 2017 have been revealed for the much anticipated event which takes place between the 15th and 17th of February 2017 at the Museu de Arte.

The world renowned conference is a series of workshops, discussions, speed coaching sessions and conferences covering the dynamic and growing world of electronic music. It features some of the best professionals of the industry including label bosses, artists, managers and industry experts and they will all offer great insights into the underground dance music business.

Some of the topics for discussions include “Publishers are the new labels’ with Roland Leesker–founder and CEO of Get Physical–and Jessica Ibgui, Creative Manager/Head of Business Development Budde Music France. As well as that you can learn How to Talk Millennial, learn about Digital Crate Digging – Sourcing and Breaking New Talent and budding talents will also be able to play your demos and get expert feedback. 

There will be workshops in Remixing on the Fly, talks about the importance of colour under the title of Your Image is the Future, plus a talk about The Future of Clubbing/Protect The Dance Floor/Safe In Sound. There will also be regional meetings, keynote speeches, Sync Masterclasses and a panel – Everything You Need To Know About Brazil’s Electronic Industry with Monique Dardenne and Amanda Chang.


Albuquerque – Radiola Records
Alex Jukes – Jukebox PR
Alonso Figueroa – Aimec
Amanda Chang – DJ
Anderson Noise – DJ
Andre Motta – Aimec
Andre Salata – DJ
Antônio Silveira – DM7 Bookings
Bianca Motta – Consciência em Transe
Bernard Teixeira – Pump/Manaus
Bruna Calegari – Hot Content
Bry Ortega – Aimec
Chiara Belolo – Scorpio Music
Claudia Assef – Musicnonstop
Clarisse Miranda – Hostess
Dancko – Aimec
Eduardo Torres – Respect Festival
Everson K – Academia de Marketing para DJs
Fábio Brandão – Innova Produções
Fabio Defourny – Festival Mundo de Oz
Fabio Santanna – Músico
Felippe Senne – Make Music Now
Francisco Frondizi – Festa RARA
Franklin Costa – Mana
Gui Boratto – DJ
Henrique Feldman – Bilheteria Digital
Hans Hess – Egg London
Ilan Kriger – Social Wave
Isaac Gibson – iKlektrik
Jessica Ibgui – Budde Music France
João Brasil – Produtor
Justine Watkins – MALLA
Juba Jacomino – Green Valley
Junior Antonini – Aimec
Kim Knight – Buddy Systems
Kranti Pessoa – Festival Alternativo Kranti
Kristen Agee – 411 Music Group
Laurence Malice – Egg London
Lee Parsons – Ditto Music
Luis Estrada – Aftercluv
Luis Gustavo Zagonel – Warung Day Festival
Marcio Roberto – Associação Psicodélica do Brasil
Marcos Flek – Simbiose
Mark Lawrence – AFEM
Mateus B – Aimec
Marian Flow – Tropical Beats
Mumbaata – DJs
Nazen Carneiro – Tudo Beats
Otacilio Mesquita – TF7 Eventos
Paula Miranda – Privilège
Pedro Vidigal – Infinite Music
Rafael Araujo – Aimec
Renato Ratier – D-edge
Richard Zijlma – Amsterdam Dance Event
Rogerio Martins – R Martins Consultoria e Treinamento Empresarial
Roland Leesker – Get Physical
Victor Ruiz – DJ
Vitor Falabella – Season Bookings
Wade Cawood – Pulse Global


15-28 February, 2017 | Rio Music Conference | Tickets | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil