Way across the Atlantic over in South America we’re excited to get news about the seventh edition of Rio Music Conference (RMC) – the electronic music’s largest trade show in South America – which will take place from February 4th to February 17th. Taking place at the same time as the biggest street party in the world, the event will bring together an exhaustive list of artists, producers, journalists and businessmen, plus many more industry-related people from the electronic music world and the creative industry, both national and international.

The RMC divides its schedule in two: the conference and the festival. The first part of the event is focused on business while the second part is entirely concentrated on entertainment in conjunction with Rio Music Carnival.

There’s an estimated 120,000 people taking part in the event over its 14-day duration, including around 500 parties along Club Week, the Rio Music Carnival and the conference. The conference features influential figures such as Nick DeCosemo, editor of Mixmag magazine; Peter Hook, Joy Division’s and New Order’s former bassist; Vivien Lewit, in charge of YouTube’s artistic relations; Bill Kelly, co-founder of Winter Music Conference; Martin Gontad, Creamfields Argentina’s organizer; Clarissa Pantoja, AB Inbev’s Global Head of Music; Craig Pettigrew, BPM Festival’s co-founder; Gui Boratto, DJ and producer; Renato Ratier, head of D-EDGE and Warung nightclubs and many others.

“The RMC works as a place to exchange information and knowledge of those involved in the music industry and live entertainment. Furthermore it stimulates new deals and networking as a way of boosting even more the electronic music industry in Brazil”, explains Claudio da Rocha Miranda Filho, RMC’s co-founder and director.

Exciting times ahead! Fingers crossed we can get over there and bring you a report on what goes on!

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