Let’s get the week started with this excellent premiere coming straight from one of Detroit’s prodigal sons, Antwon Faulkner. Fellow techno rudeboy DJ 3000’s remix is the track we selected from this excellent range of cuts taken from Antwon’s brand new EP on his own label Hijacked Records Detroit.

In case you don’t know about Antwon Faulkner (where have you been?!) he was born and raised in Detoit, where he started out by hustling with mixtapes before establishing himself as a DJ and producer, going by the pseudonym Twonz. Later in life he moved to Toronto, where a new phase in his career began and he adopted his real name to make music. Since setting up a new studio with new gear and a renewed focus, Antwon has been going from strength to strength, relishing the challenge or working around a new monicker.

So here we have this new release and an excellent remix from the mighty DJ 3000. Enjoy!

Antwon’s new EP is out now, pick it up here.

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