Antwon Faulkner has been in the game for nearly three decades now. Born and raised in Detroit, Antwon started hustling mixed tapes at the age of sixteen. With music in his blood, this is truly what he was born to do.

While people may be more familiar with his DJ moniker, the infamous “Twonz,” in 2009 we got to know a new Antwon, an Antwon re-energized, excited and motivated. His focus shifted from throwing parties and DJing to making music and really honing his craft as a producer. While he still regularly releases tracks on his own imprint, Hijacked Records Detroit, recent years have seen him spreading the love with multiple releases on Restructured Recordings, Bulletdodge Records, Motech LTD, and KMS Records.

While production is where Antwon’s heart is, this is not to say that you can’t still catch one of his killer DJ sets. You can rest assured you will always hear the new hot shit and your Detroit classics, which will now include his own productions peppered throughout. Now, here is what you won’t see, no software and no laptop. Antwon is currently on a “Bring Back the DJ” crusade.

Today’s exclusive premiere is ‘Seven Trumpets’, which comes off Hijacked Records Detroit & Antwon’s latest EP ‘The Leader’ and is a good example of how everything Antwon makes gets put through his distinct perspective of what funk is, yet he manages to deliver each offering with a fresh and unique direction unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Antwon’s beats and baselines have a habit of insisting you move, appealing to your most primitive rhythms. The trumpet work in this track demonstrates what supernatural jazz might sound like and what future music really is.

‘The Leader’ is available September 21 on Hijacked Records Detroit

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