We’re always doing our very best to get the most exclusive and greatest new music we can present to you and today we have a fantastic track to premiere from German producer Diego Krause. The owner of Union Wax and Beste Modus Records has a brand new EP signed to Apollonia, and we’re very pleased to be able to debut one of the tracks from the new release…

Diego’s EP, entitled ‘Right About Now’, is a superb release with some really great music on it. As you might expect from a label owned by the Apollonia guys, there is plenty of groove, funk and soul coupled with a rough, techy feel and lots of energy. We’re premiering ‘Manitu’ from the EP – which has a deep low end that sucks you into its groove and gets those hips swinging and head bopping, the razor sharp percussion keeps things bouncing. These elements combine with a myriad of stabs and pads fading in and out of the background, which give it a dreamline, mystical feel in places – definitely aimed at the late night dance floor dwellers, taking you to another dimension before bringing you smack bang down to earth with a solid beat. Lovely!

Make sure you hit the play button and groove the day or night away to this one.

It’s out very soon too, so click here to pick it up.

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