Here’s another exclusive track premiere here on Deep House London. So far we’ve brought you the first plays of tracks by the brilliant Fur Coat and super talented Tim Green. Now we have someone who is considered by many to be one of our industry’s big dogs, a man who has probably contributed more to our scene and to other superstar DJs’ careers than anyone else and someone who has universal respect. We’re talking about the mighty Martin Buttrich and to say it’s an honour to have the world premiere of his brand new track for Canadian label My Favorite Robot is an understatement!

Martin demonstrates exactly why he is so widely respected with this new track, which is taken from the Crossing Wires 2 compilation, put together by another giant of the scene, Timo Maas. It’s relatively minimal intro builds builds slowly but surely, rolling into a slight dip just after the two-minute before we get a set of bongo-esque toms, and expertly crafted effects that add an offbeat feel to the track. Buttrich’s use of cosmic sound effects gives it a very jovial atmosphere, as the beat skips along with a droning bassline buried underneath all the happy sounds.

It’s a lot of fun this track and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we have. As we mentioned, it’s featured on the Crossing Wires 2 compilation, put together by Timo Maas and also including tracks from Timo himself, Eric Volta, Discern, DJ Sossa, Chris Carrier, Villanova, Tim Green, Igor Vicente and more. It’s an excellent compilation, so keep an eye for it when it’s released this coming Monday.

In the meantime, enjoy this superlative piece of dance music from the maestro Martin Buttrich.

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