Out now, the new album from HOSH – “Stories from SA TALAIA” – is available as a special free download courtesy of the artist.

Presented as a DJ Mix, the double album is made from all his own new and exclusive beats. Produced via many live studio sessions, “Stories from SA TALAIA” the closest synergy yet between HOSH’ DJing and production, providing a journey up, down and deep into the groove.

“Stories from SA TALAIA” is released via HOSH own label Fryhide, which will also release tracks from it as separate EPs.

Stream & Download “Stories from SA TALAIA” Below


A Meeting Mia Lee (feat. Mia Lee)
B The Watergate Affair (feat. ABBY)
C Ocean Data
D Fighting the Daemons
E Fire and Ice
F O fratello mio (with Lehar)
G Ristretto Love Story
H standing still is moving backwards
I Atlantis is not a fairy tale (with Pig&Dan)
J Brotherhood Balearea (with Pig&Dan)
K one more before we go (feat. SONO)
L Awakening of the Birds (feat. Karmon)
M Island Blues (with Tim Engelhardt)
N Rose Marines Saga (with Musumeci)
O la mer la mer (with Johannes Brecht)
P Natalias Lullaby

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