So lets chat about Brazil – how much of an influence has it had on you as a person and as a musician?
Part of who I am today is part of what I’ve been able to absorb from my growth in the country. It has influenced me on so much ways regarding manners, beliefs and so on. Music wise, Brazil has been always been behind the leading countries regarding electronic music. Luckily I’m quite young and I’ve taken advantage of the Internet to learn what my country couldn’t teach me with its clubs, festivals and parties. Brazil is very rich on some ways of music that are quite famous worldwide and I can even tell that some of that taught me a little. It’s the environment I’ve grown up, so it’s quite natural. But I can’t really say exactly what has influenced me and in which ways.

And why do you think the country has developed so many great electronic music musicians over the years?
Thanks to the access of what’s happening in the outside world. It’s so easy nowadays to listen to what’s going on out there and try to create something cool using your own style and knowledge. Economically, the past few years have been good to Brazil, and that’s also responsible for giving us the opportunity to get hold of some good software and hardware that is so expensive and was even more so back in the day. Unfortunately our economics are fading down again and I’m not sure how is it going to be from now on, but let’s hope for the best.

How conductive is it as a place to write music?
I’m normally locked inside my room, windows closed and dark. That’s the environment I write music on. I found out that this sad environment is more likely to make me inspired. Life’s too good, inspiration goes away. As H.O.S.H said in an interview I saw a couple of months back. And if think it’s totally true. Brazil has got quite a happy environment, so I don’t think it is the best inspiration to make crazy serious music rather than happy ones. Of course this is just my opinion on the music I make.

So your latest release is out on Playperview. Can you tell us a bit about it?
The “Night Shift” EP got released a couple of months ago and it’s part of my new full of synths moody style. Pretty cool I think. I like both tracks and the one which works best when I play it is “Constellation”.

When did you decide to start up the label and what is your intention with it all?
The label had its first kick by the end of 2011, with a two track EP by myself and Fabø. “We do It” got released on this EP and it’s one of the lets say “important tracks in my career”. The intention was to simply have our own music released without having to get it approved by someone else. It’s quite the same intention nowadays too, but we want it to be more professional now. To make that imprint stronger and have our team releasing quality music on it.

So what does it mean to you to have your music signed to a label like Hot Creations, for example? Are you also still looking to get your music signed to other places too?
It means a lot and that really changed my life. I’m really grateful to Jamie, Lee and Russ, who first trusted me and made it all happen. I’m definitely looking to sign some tracks to bigger labels, but I’m in no rush. It will come naturally as it did before.

Do you have a favourite Playperview and Hot Creations release from over the years? And if so, why then?
I think Dake’s “20 Shades of Black” on Playperview is one of my favourites. His track with The LazarusMan “From the Hill” is a bomb too. Caio Stanccione’s housy vibes on “I Dance U” and the crazier Rolldabeetz ones are kicking it for me too. I’m pretty proud of what we’ve done till now and super happy with this small crew of producers aforementioned. On Hot Creations I think my favourite at the moment is “Chemistry” by Gel Abril.

What else have you got lined up for the rest of the year?
I’m working a lot in the studio, but can’t really say what’s lined up because the info is not available yet. Will let you know soon!

Do you think house and techno will always remain popular? Do you ever worry that it’ll become seriously niche again?
I think and I hope so. I would not say worry, but I’m enjoying that this is actually happening. Power to the people again!

Electronic music aside, what else do you listen to in your spare time?
I normally listening to some Hip Hop or also Rock and Jazz vinyls I got. More chilled out stuff is what I like to listen to when I’m home trying to relax.

What 5 tracks are you pulling out of your bag a lot at the moment?
Dast – Deep Down
Trve – Zephyris
Remotion – Flashback (Weska Remix)
2000 and One – Plant 1
Cardao – The Message

HNQO’s Erotic Heat EP is out soon on Playperview

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