By now, we are well into festival season and the thought of how much cheap beer and junk food you’ve eaten may be a spot of particular sensitivity, but fear no more as recent findings have pointed to an average of over 9,000 calories burned per person per 3-day festival.

The health-conscious tech company Withings has compiled a list of 10 UK festivals, calculating the number of potential calories lost by its participants.  Factors taken into account are each festival’s site map combined with the company’s tracking technology meant to assess the potential energy expended by festival-goers. The predominant genre of music may also raise energy levels. The average festival-goer dances eight hours per day burning the equivalent of 400-700 calories, however, the higher energy the music (in theory) the harder the dancing, therefore higher bpm genres can up these numbers significantly.

Glastonbury claimed the number 1 spot with an estimated 3,400 calories burned per day, followed by V Festival, Reading Festival, T In The Park, and Leeds Festival. Coming in at number 10 was T4 On The Beach with as much as 2,300 calories or roughly 3 miles per day.

So, though not revolutionary in its findings, the larger the venue and the higher the bpm count ultimately results in more calories lost. Regardless, with the ever present opportunity for festival style partying around the world, these results have surely found themselves into the effective cardio conversation throughout social circles, big and small.

Source: Irish Examiner