[one_half last=”no”][/one_half]Nature of Music formed in 2009 and has since worked with some of the industry’s most innovative tastemakers.

They have been praised by industry heavyweight, Hernan Cattaneo as a “Top production duo to look out for.” This is reflected with their releases for Cattaneo’s influential Sudbeat label. Their talent has brought them to international territories across oceans for both intimate affairs and crowd jamming festivals.

Nature of Music stylistically are unlike any other and after a few plays become instantly recognizable. Their work is aimed to make people move a way that keeps them lost in the present moment. It is a peaceful state of being that is promoted through beautiful melancholic shades of electronic music.

We caught up with the Nature of Music guys in Toronto at Electric Island, where they were performing on a bill alongside Sven Vath and Jamie Jones. With a new ‘Amsterdam’ EP out on Sudbeat and a growing profile, the duo definitely have a lot to talk about.

“Ever since, we’ve separated the production process, we’ve been working much more seamlessly.”

How did the two of you meet?
We met back in 2001, we used to live in the same neighbourhood and we used to go to the same gym, that’s how we met each other ☺

What was your first exposure to electronic music/DJ culture?
Our first exposure to the DJ culture was through Reza, a class-mate during our college days who quickly became one of our best friends. Reza loved his house music and he used to play his CDs for us whenever we hung out. Prior to meeting him we used to listen to much faster types of electronic music. He was the one introduced us to House music and the DJ culture. Later on we learnt that his uncle was half of the duo Deep Dish.

What kind of musical background do you guys have? Do you play any instruments?
(Mazi) Growing up, music was always a part of our family gatherings. My grandfather was an accordion teacher and he wrote poems. My mom’s side of family was quite musical as well, some into singing and some played instruments. I think this is where I had my first exposure to music… Later on I picked up classical guitar at 14, I played it for a few years until I left Iran for Canada…

(Kian) I played Santur from the age 12 when I used to live in Iran. It’s a traditional Persian instrument and it means 100 strings and that’s probably the reason why I love string instruments to this day. I used to listen to all sort of genres, from rock, heavy metal to ambient and new age, guys like Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Dead Can Dance, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Chris Spheeris, Oliver Shanti… At around age 17 I got introduced to Electronic music, I used to hear it on satellite TV and since then, it’s always been a part of my life. I also love Jazz music, especially when I drive and need to get a break from electronic music, I put on Jazz radio ☺

When did you first decide to start producing music? Tell me about your first release.
We started producing in 2007. Back then we used to produce separately under our solo projects, Maziar, Kian. Maziar’s first release was under Nima Gorji’s Welt Recordings label, and Kian’s first release was under Liquid Grooves based in Aruba. As Nature of Music, our first release was a remix of Koen, under Aenaria Music.

How do you guys work together in the studio? Do each of you handle certain aspects of making a finished track?
In the studio, we tend to work separately most of the time. We used to sit together the whole way through making a song and realized it was counter-productive. Ever since, we’ve separated the production process, we’ve been working much more seamlessly. This way we feel less limited and ideas flow a lot easier; it’s like not having to worry about making mistakes which is necessary when taking risks and experimenting… At the very end and to make sure that we’re both happy with the final product, we playback what we have for each other, we exchange feedback and we make some changes.