No Regular Play are a duo equally at home in the rehearsal rooms of Julliard as in the main room of Fabric. Emotive and unapologetically organic, their fluid approach to electronic music unites more than a lifetime of influences.

Their impressive live show, which features Greg Paulus‘ inimitable trumpet and vocals alongside Nick DeBruyn‘s masterful manipulation of the rhythm and soundscapes bridges the gap between the indie arena and the heartbeat of the dancefloor.

No Regular Play can attest to such acclaimed affiliations as Wolf + Lamb, Supplement Facts and No. 19 Music, drawing influence across the board from J Dilla to John Coltrane.

We spent some time catching up with them ahead of their appearance with Crew Love at Studio 338 this Saturday.

“We don’t change how we play from one country to the next, but always feel like people are open to a variety of different styles in the UK.”

Hi guys, how are you?

Tell us about the beginning, how did you guys meet?
We grew up together in St. Paul, Minnesota and went to the same elementary school, same high school. We’ve known each other since we were about eight years old.

What did you listen to outside the realms of dance / house music?
We were very into Hip-Hop and Jazz growing up, listened to everything J Dilla was involved with, and huge fans of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.

How did you get involved in the whole house scene? Was there a particular DJ or party that set you off on this track?
We have a really good friend back in Minnesota who first introduced us to a lot of IDM like Autechre and Funckarma, and invited us out to Seattle for the Decibel Festival. That was really the first time we were exposed to a whole range of different electronic music. After that, we both moved out to Bushwick, Brooklyn, and just started going to a lot of events, including Wolf + Lamb parties and The Bunker parties on the Lower East Side.

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