Corona – The Rhythm of the Night is one of dance music’s most known and classic tracks around the world on the famous Italian DWA label. Now the label has decided to put out an official remix of the track and have trusted it in the capable hands of Samuele Sartini, Giacomo Miranda, & Chris Estrella to collab on it. We spoke to the three of them recently to find out how they went about such a delicate task and delivered such a fine job…

Hey guys, how are you, how has your year been so far?

SAMUELE: Very well, thank you, professionally it has been an incredible year with many successes and crowned by this official remix.

GIACOMO: It’s been a year full of new opportunities both personally and professionally, and sometimes i don’t even realize I really had the opportunity to officially remix one of the most important dance songs of the history!

CHRIS: It’s really going very well, especially having the opportunity to do an official remix.

When did you three first meet and why work together?

S.: Giacomo and I have been friends for a long time. Instead, I discovered Chris artistically by chance on Spotify and then we met virtually some months ago.

G.: Samuele has always been a very well known and respected artist in our country so I always supported his music. I played with him for the first time in 2018 in the club I was resident at that time and then we naturally became friends. When I heard Chris’ music for the first time I was impressed and I felt we had to reach out and connect.

C.: It was a few months ago, Giacomo contacted me because he had discovered my music on Spotify, then I met Samuele, both are very good friends.

What makes it work? Are you all very similar or is it a case of opposites attract?

S.: I really think it’s the classic case of “opposites attract”.

G.: I used to be an underground Dj when I was a kid so I developed a “crossover” music taste that fits in the middle of Chris and Samuele’s almost opposite music personalities.

C.: We really are polar opposites, and as the saying goes “Opposites attract”.

How did you hook up for this remix of Corona – online or in person?

S.: With Chris we worked online while with Giacomo we met several times in my studio in Modena.

G.: We were based in Samuele’s studio in Modena while Chris was online from his studio in Venezuela.

C.: I worked with them online, from my studio in Venezuela, Samuele and Giacomo together in a studio in Italy, with a time difference of 6 hours.

Why did you want to remix such an epic and well known track?

S.: Everything was born from the mutual desire to have a version with current sounds of “The Rhythm Of The Night” that we could propose in our respective DJ sets.

G.: I grew up listening to 90s dance music, and I believe that ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ is not just a song, but the true anthem for people of every generation who go dancing in clubs. That’s why I’ve never stopped playing it, and for a while now, I was discussing with Samuele and Chris how to breathe new life into it!

C.: It all comes from the desire to have your own version of a classic like The Rhythm Of The Night, with fresh and natural sounds like the Marimbas, with an attractive atmosphere for the dance floors and that could fit in our shows and sets.

Was it a challenge to not ruin it or change it too much and add something fresh?

S.: Absolutely yes, putting your hand to a Dance music classic like this is always very complex and can often turn into a double-edged sword, but I don’t think this is our case!

G.: Certainly! Remixing a big hit of this kind is undoubtedly risky, and I believe it would challenge any producer. That’s why, at the beginning, we approached it like a game.

C.: It really was a challenge, because working with classics like this, there’s a fine line between ruining it completely and getting it right, but we worked hard to get it right.

Who did what? Did you each have set jobs?

S.: We interacted and collaborated a bit for all the steps of the production. The only issue was represented by the time zone differences between us!

G.: We interacted and collaborated in each step of the production.The only issue, perhaps, was represented by the time zone differences between us!

C.: We all collaborated in every part of the process of this remix, giving our point of view, adding and/or removing, advising and creating.

What was the aim? What did you want to do?

S.: As mentioned previously, everything was born from the desire to create a new dress for this classic, and honestly I am very satisfied with the result achieved.
I’ve been proposing it for months in my DJ sets and the result on the dance floor is always guaranteed.

G.: We wanted to create a new version of ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ without altering its essence, and we aimed for it to be both highly impactful on the dance floor and in tune with the current musical trends in the club music scene.

C.: As I had mentioned before, everything was born from the desire to make a fresh version where it could fit more in our sets, we have been playing it for a while now and the reaction of the people is incredible, I am extremely satisfied with the result.

What gear did you use, hardware or software, and does that matter?

S.: Cubase 12 pro for development and Pro Tools for mixing and mastering.

G.: I use Ableton Live after a first approach with Logic.

C.: I’ve been using Ableton Live for maybe 7-8 years now, and since I started producing with ableton it’s been a total change in my life, for me it’s much more intuitive and I can be much more creative in the session view.

What else are you working on together?

S.: We have started working on a new track some days ago. It’s our revisitation of a success from about fifteen years ago, but I can’t reveal more to you.

G.: We’re working on a new track, but for now, we can’t tell you more.

Corona “The Rhythm of the Night (Samuele Sartini, Giacomo Miranda, Chris Estrella Official Remix)” is out now on DWA
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