Describe 3 seminal moments in Tact existence?
Releasing my debut Long Player ‘When Elements Collide’ alongside my production partner Larry as Yard One was something I’m very proud of. The incredible reach our music has had and the support we’ve seen from notable places such as BBC Radio 1, 6 Music and artists like Roman Fluegel, Mano Le Tough, Mr. Ties, Darko Esser and A Sagittariun. Hearing of our music reaching some of our favourite clubs like Panorama Bar and Fabric was extremely satisfying.

Most disappointing moment in Tact existence?
Having leftover vinyl stock destroyed before we had a chance to have it delivered to us, when you put so much time, effort and money into pressing a record it’s really upsetting to see things not completely selling out and being recycled. That’s the nature of the vinyl industry though so it’s something we learned from, we’re now very selective about what we’re going to press if anything.

Describe Tact album artwork?
Our artwork changes from year to year, the Yard One album artwork was made by a friend Phillipa Westaway, who makes incredible pieces, Adventures In Daydreams had a running theme of deep sea dwelling creatures last year. We’re always looking for something that’s quite visually striking and slightly trippy to use with for our imagery.

Dream Tact artist?
There would be so many dream artists, I think Dial Records has been a huge inspiration so any of the Dial camp, Efdemin, Lawrence, Roman Fluegel would be amazing. Right now though I’d love to work with this guy called Porn Sword Tobacco his productions have been ticking all the right boxes for me right now, also Huerco S and Anthony Naples, Proibito is an incredible label.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
Will at Dispersion PR has been very important for us lately, he promotes our music and does a great job, I’m biased as I work in the industry but promoting records is essential in this day and age, without it the music will undoubtedly get lost amongst the masses. Production wise Logic X has been essential for achieving a high quality of production from day one.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
I think all of our productions are laborious days working away to achieve exactly what we want, the ‘When Elements Collide’ album came to form over a week long studio session and then a lot of post-production after getting the core of the project laid down.

Upcoming projects?
Thee new one from Adventures In Daydreams just dropped on the 4th March, then a new Yard One EP on the 8th April, lots more to come from us guys for the rest of the year too.

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1. Isherwood – Black Keys, Moogs & Phatty’s [Tact Recordings]
2. Luke Black – Feet Out (Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod’s Shifted Remix) [Tact Recordings]
3. Per Bojsen-Moller – Love Is The Function Of Death [Tact Recordings]
4. Adventures In Daydreams – Lost In Space [Tact Recordings]
5. Luke Black – Sledger [Tact Recordings]
6. Duijn & Douglas – Noorderlicht ft Berenice (Yard One’s Floating Glow Reshape) [Tact Recordings]
7. Duijn & Douglas – Zucht Nog Eens [Tact Recordings]
8. Yard One – Memory Echoes [Tact Recordings]
9. Adventures In Daydreams – Patch62 [Tact Recordings]
10. Yard One – Willow [Tact Recordings]