Describe 3 seminal moments in Definitive existence?
JA & OG: Definitive Recordings evolution had been forged by its releases. ‘House for All’ by Blunted Dummies was definitely a world house anthem in the 90s. Meeting Olivier Giacomotto and bringing him on board in 2005 has been a key decision for all of us. And perhaps that ‘Gail In The O’ release in 2007 we did with Olivier and Damon Jee… that was a timely tune and really heralded the start of the second generation of Definitive with a number one in the main Beatport TOP10.

Most disappointing moment in Definitive existence?
JA: Don’t dwell on it… or I would have quit

OG: Maybe the short hiatus period in the late 90s, releases stopped during that time, then the label was relaunched in 2005.

Describe Definitive album artwork?
JA: Every Definitive Recordings artwork today is a declination of shades and colors around the ‘D’. Like Andy Warhol works, we focus on one subject and change colors around it… We keep things simple… the artist name, the release name, and the ‘D’ layered on different textures and colors.

Best Definitive showcase?
JA: I think my favourite was when Olivier and I played back to back in Juarez the night after Caracas… the weekend of worlds toughest cities ended in one of our most amazing gigs.

OG: For me it happened in Argentina during the same tour of the ‘Americas’. The crowd was out of control on the dancefloor, they were dancing around a giant robot made of lights and smoke, everybody was chanting, shooting, that party was epic!!!

Worst Definitive showcase?
JA: Olivier? You remember? there is always a bit of light even in bad things…

OG: We’ve never been that unlucky, so far no planes crashed on our stage, no lightning strikes on the crowd, no-one died either, and we always make sure that no animals are injured or sacrificed during our shows. 🙂

Dream Definitive artist?
JA: Olivier Giacomotto… engineering and production…he is one of the all time greats.

OG: I hope to have our friend Noir on board soon, but I recon that a remix from Stephan Bodzin would be killer too.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
JA: There are many, but for DJing I still love my Traktor, I cant mix without it.

OG: We’ve used Traktor (originally Finalsratch) for 16 years now, that technology was the true revolution of last decade for electronic music. Now there is Subpac, which is for me the discovery of this decade, it’s like having a Funktion One sound system plugged into your body, I use it in the studio everyday and can’t imagine working without it anymore. For music production: Logic Pro is my all time best software ever.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
JA: 17 hour set with Karotte on the DJ front. Work and party in the 40 hours…

OG: That’s the good side of working with passion, I don’t count hours… and days either.

Upcoming projects?
JA: Tunes, tunes, tunes, with Olivier, with Manuel De La Mare, and with M.O.N.R.O.e

OG: Always cooking something, with John obviously, but also with Noir, with Kiko under our new name Cold Miles, with Citizen Kain, with Thomas Gandey… stay tuned.

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Patrice Baumel – Intro (Original Mix)
Smash TV, Kotelett & Zadak – Keep (Original Mix)
Olivier Giacomotto – Meteoroid (Original Mix)
David Aurel – Alien sea (Original Mix)
Fur Coat – Twenty Eight (Original Mix)
Fabio Montana – Metropolitan (Original Mix)
Rodriguez Jr. – Chain Reaction (Original Mix)
Federico Locchi – Nebulosa (Cold Miles Remix)
Animal Trainer, Manuel Moreno – MDMA (Original Mix)
Olivier Giacomotto – Le Cap (Original Mix)
Ryan Murgatroyd – Waking up with Lucy (Original Mix)
Los Paranos – Madness (Cold Miles Remix)
Marino Canal – Solace (original Mix)
Olivier Giacomotto – Afreaka (Original Mix)
Andre Winter – Argo (Original Mix)