Mark Jenkyns is a member of the ever popular Hot Creations crew and one of our favourite lads involved in the scene. Always jolly with a positive attitude, the Geordie artist has been working on a mix for us for a little while now and here it is, together with an interview too. Scroll down to listen to/download the excellent mix full of unreleased flavour!

Summer will be soon be over, how’s it all been for you this year?
It’s been really good thanks, I’ve been in and out of Ibiza, tactical raving with my gigs, so I’ve managed to stay pretty much sane and keep the remaining brain cells quite happy! I’ve had four gigs at Paradise along with a ‘Lost In Ibiza’ boat party and I was part of the Emerging Ibiza event.

Have you discovered any new clubs/cities that have really impressed you?
Not so much new discoveries but Moscow once again was amazing. We played Gipsy and then had an after-party in some under-under-ground club, which went on until God knows when. It’s up there with my favourite places I’ve played and one of those places I wanna play more. Everyone is really up for it and very appreciative of what you’re doing.

You’ve had some strong solo releases this year and a few collabs too, what else is on the way?
Releases-wise, my next one should be My Hot Creations EP. It’s been a long time coming and long overdue but I’m finally happy with the main track, which features MC Chickaboo and is called “On Me”. It’s been getting a lot of attention of late and I can’t wait for it to drop… hopefully in the not too distant future, along with more work from me and the MC maestro as she is quality to work with and such an amazing person. The second we sat down for a shandy on Brick Lane to discuss plans, she just oozed cool and I felt like I was catching up with an old friend. Skream is also doing the remix which sounds HEAVY!!!

I’ve also been talking to one of the north east’s earliest MCs, a guy called MC G-Force, about doing something. Back when I was 14 the old school rave MCs had God-like status and without G-force there wouldn’t have been the scene there was and that which some people still have today.

You relocated from London back to the north-east this year, what was the reason for that and how’s it all working out?
Yeah I relocated back home for numerous reasons to be honest. I just felt I needed a change in scenery, like I always do every now and then. I’ve lived in london back and forth for the last 10 years with stints in Ibiza and Leeds to name but a few… but deep down I missed the beach!! Even though you don’t always get the weather, when you do it’s amazing and to be honest it really is my favourite place on earth! It’s my home town and although I travel a lot and see many amazing places I’m proud to say I’m from South Shields. There’s not as much going on as there was, going out-wise, like say 10 years ago when it was booming but it’s still my roots and I will never lose that feeling for the place.

What do you like/dislike most about London – and likewise with the north-east?
I love everything about London apart from the cost of living and people running over you with their luggage and looking at you as if it’s your fault. It’s the greatest city in the world, just expensive. South Shields is where I’m from that’s what I love most, I love my friends who, even though I don’t see them as much as I’d love to – but when I do its like we haven’t been away from each other and the banter is the best. It can be quite serious when needed but absolutely down right ridiculous the rest of the times. I just wish there was more for people up there, a lot of life stems around who is ‘hard’ and has a name for themselves!

What impact did living in London have on your career and on you as a person?
London in general is such an amazing open multicultural place, I had the opportunity to spend time with various people in the music industry, visit their studios, borrow equipment and learn from everyone in an envrironment which was very liberal and creative. It lets you know that there is a vast amount of other worldly stuff available and to be explored. I do miss that.

Can you name some of your favourite places to hang out in London…
There are quite a few, but when I was there I used to actually love the place I lived more than anywhere else. It was a loft apartment which had such an amazing energy literally you could feel it and see it in the place!! Jamie Jones’ apartment is also very cool – I lived there for three months while he was away and got to mess with all his supertoys, that’s where I made “On Me” with Chickaboo. I love going to the cinema and the Imax at Waterloo… downtime activities are very important to me. The Alchemy in Camden, which is a yoga centre… it’s now changed ownership and has a different name but it’s amazing. Phonica Records for sure and Carnaby Street for trainers. For food, Dans Le Noir the restaurant where you are in pitch black is always fun and a good experience. My friend has a tea bar in Broadway Market called Gossip, she is called Magdelena and she is a cosmic samurai!… I think she has changed the name now but they do a great brew there!!

How’s Ibiza been this year?
Ibiza is just evolving with the times. I still love the place as a second home but the vibe for me is definitely changing!

Lastly, can you list 5 tracks (new or old) that are doing it for you at the moment?
Yeah sure, in no particular order…

Tom Flynn – “Freak For Fun” – Very long drop that sucks you in and then goes off!

Luca Cazal and myself – “The Bull Frog” – Been getting a great response all year.

Richy Ahmed – “Sneaky Acid” – Another belter by thee Ahmed!

Russ Yallop – “Darkside Radio” — Yallop at his finest again.

Myself and MC Chickaboo – “On Me” – Wait and see…

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