Earlier this week we published an ace interview with H.O.S.H. Vs. Andhim and today news has reached us about a new project that H.O.S.H. is launching… A brand new club in his hometown, Hamburg. Yep, not content with being a bloody good producer and traveling the world performing at many of the best clubs and festivals, he has injected his spare time and energy into creating a fresh space for clubbers in the city where he was born and raised. Now that’s what we call ‘giving back’!

Villa Nova is the name of the club and it will take over the space left behind by the cult hangout, EGO. After years at the top of their game Solomun and his partners Adriano and Magdalena decided to close EGO, so H.O.S.H., took the opportunity to take it over with his long-term partner Jörg Hill.

Due to open on 2nd October, the plan is to build a fundamental base for the city’s club culture for future years and to continue – and hopefully even improve – the great work of their predecessors.

With Hill and Behn, the perfect team has been found for this mission. Behn is a visionary, creative head, DJ and producer with the best contacts in the scene, and Hill is the man in the background who understands the day to day business of running a club. Together they hosted the well-known Grünanlage Open Air festival for more than 10 years, giving them the experience they need in order to take on this exciting new project.

The whole club has been renovated and restructured. The core changes have seen them build a new acoustic and design concept with a state of the art soundsystem by Föön. Line-ups for the the first series of events are already looking HOT, but the Villa Nova won´t just target big names to bring the crowds. The idea is to keep everything in-house with no external promoters – and the ethos is to stay relevant, fresh and exciting, drawing on talent from all over the world.

We’re pretty excited about the whole thing and can’t wait to see what the guys have come up with. Look out for a review of their launch night coming in October…