Audiofly and Blond:ish two duos who we are big fans of here at Deep House London. Both couples are adept on the decks, fearsome in the studio and totally entertaining performers. They’re of course members of the Flying Circus family, which is run by Audiofly and they’ve both contributed to the outfit’s first ever compilation. With all this in mind we thought it would be good idea to interview both duos about their combined history and the new mix comp…


Can you remember when/where you first met Blond:Ish?
Luca: I met Viv at Space in Miami around seven years ago during WMC before she even formed Blond:ish with Anastacia. After that we kept bumping into each other but never properly hung out until three years ago when I ended up in the same camp as them at Burning Man. It was my first time there and my experience was totally enhanced by their energy and spirit. The two of them even made me a cake for my birthday out of cookies, M&Ms and some other unknown substances. I think it was the best cake I have ever had. After that we were inseparable and it was absolutely inevitable that they would become two of the most pivotal artists in our Flying Circus roster. It’s impossible not to love them.

What was your first impression of them?
Luca: Mad as a bag of hamsters for sure. But their kindness and open minded-ness struck me as something not many people possess. They totally complement each other as a duo and could not imagine them surviving without each other. I am sure they will secretly marry one day.

Did you already know/play their music?
Luca: Well I knew them before they formed Blond:ish so I’ve followed closely what they were doing, production-wise, from the very beginning. Their music really represents their personality and it’s something I am very much into but I think that, even though they have already produced amazing stuff, their best is still to come. I am so curious to hear an album from them: I am sure it would surprise a few people.

What’s your favourite Blond:Ish track?
Both: Their latest on Kompakt, “Wunderkammer”, which was also included on their mix for Flying Circus. This track shows so much maturity and it’s an indication of where they are going musically, I think. I love playing it as a transition track in our sets to lead towards more trippy territories. I expect big things from them in the near future.

Now you must have met a fair few times, how has your impression of them changed (if at all)?
Both: Professionally speaking we’ve seen them grow from an almost unknown DJ duo into a force to be reckoned with in a matter of months. That is not small feat. Their presence behind the decks is something that grows with every gig and we are proud to call them our friends in and out of the clubs. Personally speaking we still think they are crazier than a bag of hamsters. Just look at the video they created for the Flying Circus compilation and you’ll know why. *see below*

Who parties the hardest out of Audiofly and Blond:Ish?
Luca: I can safely say that I am the weakest link in the whole group. I am not proud of it but that’s the way it is. Anthony alone can out-party the rest of us in any situation, mostly due to experience but all in all, thanks to me being a total pussy when it comes to after parties, they take the crown. I am pretty sure Anthony will have a word with me later about this…. damn!

Who are the best dancers, you guys or them?
Both: Without a doubt them. I couldn’t dance to save my life and Anthony looks way to serious behind the decks to even concerns himself with dancing. Can you please ask a question where we have a chance at least?!

How did they become involved with Flying Circus?
Both: After all our adventures together it was inevitable. But it wasn’t until a few gigs that we realised how well they fitted into the concept of Flying Circus. Their image, the way they play, their energy behind the decks: the whole thing make them an absolutely important piece of the puzzle. And that’s why we love to have them as much as we can. It’s always adventure time when they are around….

Is there an initiation process to become part of the Flying Circus family?!
Both: It should have been the ice bucket but someone else stole the idea.

Tell us a bit about your contribution to the Flying Circus compilation – obviously it’s your brand, but can you explain a little about the mix?
Luca: It was a long process of finding the right tracks and mixing them in the right way that would ultimately provide the perfect soundtrack for a long car drive during a summer day (or evening). We tried to avoid putting big tracks in there, choosing instead to provide a solid musical journey that would stand the test of time. It’s always hard to judge your own work but judging from the first lot of feedback, it seems that it has been well received so far.

What else do you guys have coming up?
Both: More music on the way, including a remix for Argy “Love Dose”, which will be out as part of a compilation on Poker Flat sometimes soon and some solo projects from Anthony and I. More gigs around the world including a long awaited visit to two of the best clubs in Brazil, Warung and D-Edge as part of our month-long tour across South America and the states in October. We are also still working on a music documentary called “No More Underground” which should see the light of day early next year…

[youtube id=”WDoQjeg0g_I” width=”620″ height=”360″]


Can you remember when/where you first met Audiofly?
Viv: I think I was going to their parties before I knew who they were and then I met luca (back when he had a severe case of ADD (attention deficit disorder to the max)) through one his ex-gilfriends who’s from my hometown of Toronto…

Anstascia: I met them in Miami when they played at WMC way back in 2007-ish at Nikki Beach.. I was like, ‘Who the hell is playing this amazing music?? I have to meet them!!’. It wasn’t until a few years later that we all met again properly through friends but honestly I have no idea when or where or how but it must of been amazing…

What was your first impression of them?
Anstascia: Since day one, they have both been super nice guys… humble, talented and really on the same kind of vibe as we were so we knew it was a match made in technoheaven. Over the years, we’ve met our share of DJs and some of them have given off a diva vibe or drama vibe and that’s totally not our thing. So we’re super grateful that we met them (drama and diva free) and that they have supported us as artists and friends.

Did you already know their music?
Viv: Siii, well…it was a rare vinyl release on Adrift how I first became acquainted with Audiofly’s music. I was at one of the most memorable after parties for reasons I’m going to leave to your imagination back in 2006, and my friend was playing this track by Audiofly on repeat for hoursssss called “Circles”… I never hear anyone play it, and haven’t heard it since then, except when we’ve played it, but it is a song that gets under your skin. When we played it at Piknik Electronik it felt like the whole crowd was on one vibe, you could feel the emotion of 6,000 people together. Another moment I’ll never forget.

Now you must have met a fair few times, how has your impression of them changed (if at all)?
Anstascia: Yes we’re definitely all very acquainted now, I think over the last couple of years we’ve learned to adapt to each others’ vibes whenever we all play together without compromising our own artistic integrity. Our impression of them hasn’t really changed but just grew more as a friendship.. We’re all part of an amazing circle of friends that we’re always with in Barcelona, Ibiza, Tulum and pretty much all across the globe. It’s like a huge crazy international family that meets at all the most amazing parties in the world. We’re truly blessed!

Viv: Luca is like red wine, he gets better with age! He’s the perfect wingman on tour and says super random things like Российские авиалинии “Russian Airlines” perfectly in Russian when we’re traveling together, makes us laugh every time (you had to be there). He also surprises us with his random knowledge on things we would never think of but we could definitely do without the super hard pinches and bites that leave marks.

I’ve realized over time that anthony and i are very similar on so many different levels, so there’s that mutual understanding on his approach to things…and he’s a studio rat. Also the understanding of carrying around a bottle of JACK like its a part of our outfit! RESPECT for that one! I wish I could do that like he did..

Who parties the hardest out of Audiofly and Blond:Ish?
Viv: Definitely us. I’m single and ready to mingle, so I make up for all three of them!
Ans: Uh huhhh, Viv. Well, you obviously learned from the best…

Who are the best dancers, you guys or them? What are your signature moves?
Viv: Luca’s offbeat dance is the winner no?
Ans: Viv, I think you adapted a version of it at some point didn’t you? And I kept thinking it was Luca in the booth then would look over and it was you. It’s definitely a contagious move..

How did you become involved with Flying Circus?
Viv: We manifested it. I think. Shhh…
Ans: I definitely helped manifest it, when I went to the Flying Circus NYE 2011 party in Playa Del Carmen. I saw how insanely amazing it was, especially Nicolas Jaar’s live set that night and I told myself, ‘Ok.. next year we have to play this party no matter what’. And next year we were on the bill… poof, magic!!!

Did Luca and Anthony make you do an initiation process to become part of the Flying Circus family?!
Both: Nooooo but its still not toooo late!!! We accept the challenge unless it has something to do with ice or water or buckets.

Tell us a bit about your contribution to the Flying Circus compilation – i.e. explain a little about the mix?
Viv: The mission was to create a mix that was everyone’s go-to car mix on the way to mischief or the beach in Ibiza this summer… which means it would really be good anywhere!
Anstascia: We started it in February, hunting down music everyday like crazy people. We finally got most of the tracks we wanted for it licensed and then mixed it all together in June. The most fun part of the whole experience was filming the promo finger puppet video in Ibiza, who knew professional puppeteering was such a challenge!! It means a lot to us to be part of the first ever Flying Circus compilation and we’re so happy with the final results!!

What else do you guys have coming up?
Anstascia: We have an upcoming two track EP Wizard Of Love feat Shawni and El Sleazo coming out end of September-ish on Rebirth. We’re also working on a remix for Le Carousel // Phil Kieran and starting to work on our album for Kompakt that will be released hopefully sometime soon… after we actually make it. We will be working on it in Tulum this winter, really really seriously ridiculously can’t wait!!

Flying Circus Ibiza Vol.1 is out now, pick it up here.

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