DJ, producer and label owner Dame-Music Bloody Mary is a French born, Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner who is no stranger to the world of house and techno.

Already a musical staple in the house and techno scene for over a decade, Bloody Mary has traveled all over the world rocking festivals and clubs as an international artist. Bringing her exceptional music taste and elegant personality to the stage of festivals such as WMC, Movement, ADE and Sonar. Her travels have also seen her grace the decks of world renowned clubs like Fabric London, Space Ibiza, Panoramabar Berlin, Rex Club Paris and many more.

In 2010, Bloody Mary’s Dame Music imprint was born as an outlet for tracks from talent that she had befriended over the years in the house and techno scene worldwide. The label doesn’t hold itself down to one specific genre and has only one rule, that the music being released is something that Mary would play in her vinyl DJ sets. Over the last five years Dame-Music has successfully built its identity around quality music and talented artists growing stronger and wiser year after year.

Dame Music has reached its fifth year as a label further solidifying its stance in the industry. The label has celebrated this special anniversary with a new compilation from Dame Music family and friends. As an image of the Dame-Music state of mind, the Five Years Anniversary compilation reaffirms the label motto including of course, the label owner Bloody Mary, family members The Jaydes, Sierra Sam with partner in crime Pascal Hetzel and legendary Boo Williams. The team is sided by friends Kate Simko and Derek Plaslaiko.

In celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Dame Music, Bloody Mary has put together an exclusive mix for us featuring a handful of tracks from the EP, as well as an overall house music education as only the diverse DJ can provide. Bloody Mary says of her mix: “The podcast is a mix in between dame-music production made by artists or myself ( 5 years anniversary) and some tunes I love playing.”

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As Dame-Music is celebrating its 5-year anniversary, what was a single highlight of the label over these years that have stood out to you?
Hello. Yes it’s already been 5 years, time is running so fast! Im really proud and happy about each release but the highlight was definitely the first Album in 2014 by The Jaydes ( me and Attan). In the future I will hopefully be signing some more LPs to Dame Music and beginning to work on my solo album.

Describe what elements make for a successful Dame-Music release? What characteristics do you look for in the artists themselves?
I’m not looking for the *hit* when I sign an artist. I want only real producers who are passionate about their work. I love house music and techno, so I don’t focus on one style. What’s important for me is the track identity, I’m not into tool and I hate to follow a movement. So many tracks sound the same, people are using the same samples.. That why I’m looking for more for producers who use only analog gear because it’s sound raw and varied and a bit more interesting.

How do you see the future of Dame-Music in the sense of the label evolving into more of a “brand”. Do you see things like merchandise, clothing, accessories becoming part of the label?
I launched some marchandise in 2010. I made T-shirts ( girl and boy editions), bags, mousse pads, sleeves.. I only do small editions of everything because I love good quality but this makes the prices a bit more expensive. I sold the marchandise in records shop in Berlin like OYE records and same in France ( only 2 places ). Otherwise I promoted it via media and I sold it via mail.

Can you explain to me about your name? Coming from America I know that there is the “Bloody Mary” urban legend, is the name inspired from this? Why?
I’m French born but have been living in Berlin for 11 years. I don’t know anything about urban legend because that doesn’t exist here. I choose the name because of the drink, who doesn’t like a Bloody Mary on a Sunday 😉

What’s next for you in 2015? What’s next for Dame-Music?
Coming after the 5 years compilation is a new release from me and Attan (aka The Jaydes). I also had good demos from artists friends.. More info soon. About my solo music project, I signed a track on Sporty Limited and I’m working on my Upon You Ep. I would love to also start working on my LP, but I need lots of time as I need to be in my studio. Well let’s see what 2016 will be.. Thanks!!


Derek Plaslaiko, BMG _ The true story of a Detroit groove 
Kate Simko, Derek Plaslaiko _ Opinionist
Planetary Assault Systems _ The Electric Funk Machine
Sierra Sam, Pascal Hetzel _ Wild Things 
Secluded ( Rod remix Two) _ Mercy
Dj Deeon _ 1112
Paul Johnson _ Aww Shit
A [Phase] _ Internal Conflict ( Act 1-3)
Marcus Vector _ Acideus
Dj Milton _ House O Matics
Shifted _ Gates
Robert Hood ( Mark Broom Edit) _ Untitled
Bloody Mary _ In between
The Jaydes ( Bloody Mary & Attan) _ Frequency Response
Paul Johnson _ Give me Ecstasy