Today is a very big day, and a very long-awaited day at that! Guy Gerber and Diddy’s 11 11 album is FINALLY available to the world after several years of Rumors (see what we did there), then confirmation and then a lot of waiting, and waiting… and waiting. So, to say we’re pleased to finally be able to get hold of the LP is an understatement.

What makes the news even sweeter is that the whole album has been released for FREE. Yep, you don’t have to spend a penny to get hold of 11 tracks that are all superb in their own way. We know some of you reading this may think that Diddy getting involved in electronic music is a sign that it’s gone too commercial but it really isn’t at all. The album retains all the credibility of true house and techno, with a professional sheen to it thanks to the high production values and Guy’s sessions in Diddy’s multi-million dollar studio.

Diddy is no stranger to Burning Man and DC10, and has been into electronic music for a long time so the album makes sense in that respect. His presence is largely subtle, lending his vocals to the music but never overpowering it or dominating Gerber’s lush, layered landscapes.

It’s a fantastic album and well worth the wait.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself for free, by following the link here.