Over the past twenty years Jesse Rose never expected to reach the many heights & accolades he has, stating he has “…far exceeded his dreams in this industry”.

Now with over a hundred productions and over a hundred remixes to his name, he has decided that 2017 is the perfect time to pass on the baton to the younger generation. From celebrated albums, BBC Essentials mixes, compilations for Fabric to Get Physical, a place in the BBC Hall of Fame, his labels Play It Down, Made To Play and Front Room, creating nurturing and developing new careers for the likes of Oliver Dollar, Riva Starr and so many more – Jesse has literally infiltrated every part of dance music, flipped the template of House whilst always maintaining his natural cheeky vibe disposition.

Now, the departing album from Jesse Rose, “Alright Mate,” covers Jesse both as a producer and as DJ over the past 20 years. Over 11 tracks and multiple special guests (Junior Sanchez, Ben Westbeach, Seven Davis Jr. etc), the album is truly an International affair, made while traveling around the world from a tiny island in Greece, to his part-time base of Barcelona, from London, Los Angles to Berlin and a bunch of places in-between. Today, off “Alright Mate,” we exclusively premiere Jesse’s collaboration with Christian Nielsen‘Everyone’.

“Alright Mate” is available 15 March on Play It Down

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In your own words, why have you decided 2017 was the right time to hang up the headphones? How long had you been mulling over the decision?
I was on Holiday in Greece late last summer, we spent just over two weeks on this tiny island, literally has one road and about 200 residents. I went with my better half and we decided we’d turn our phones off for the whole time we were away. It was the first time I’d been in one place for that long in over a decade. It gave me a lot of time to think and i realised that I had way surpassed my dreams and ambitions in what i’m doing right now. It was actually an amazing feeling to kind of have the time to look back and go oh shit so much has happened. I thought to myself I love producing, I love DJing, I love this life but maybe you should go and try something new. Take the risk see what happens and as soon as I got back I told my agents and about two weeks later I made the announcement. I’ve spent my whole adult life taking risks, spending the years to actually get the chance to play around the world was a risk unto itself. Fucking about with the format of House once we’d made tiny careers around the time of Subsided was another. I moved to Berlin at a time when the scene we’d put together in London was just blowing up. I moved to LA and left a residency at my favourite club in the world (Panoramabar). For me life is about taking risks, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but i’m never left thinking ‘what if’. Another big reason for making it an announcement and final tour was as much more about celebrating the last 20 years and saying thanks for your support than about the retirement, I guess that’s why we called the tour ’Thanks For Dropping By’.

Your new album “Alright Mate” will essentially be the final piece of produced material from you. Can you take us through its title? What does “Alright Mate” mean within the context of this release?
I think the great thing about language is that you can say the same two words and the way you say them means something completely different.

The track we are premiering is a collaboration with Christian Nielsen, who we have featured before on several occasions. Explain why Christian was your chosen collaborator here? What is it about him and his work that complements your own, and vice versa?
The first track I heard from Christian was many years ago when he was using an alias Chris Minus. I heard the track and thought I don’t love it but the production is amazing, if this guy uses that same production on a different type of track he’d kill it. I called him up and he was really cool, he’s just one of those guys you say to yourself as an A’n’R / label guy I really want to work with this guy a lot. So he changed to his real name and started delivering just amazing track after amazing track. From there we have released many of his tracks, single’s, E.P’s etc and soon his first album / mixtape will also be released on Play It Down For this track, i’d been working on it for awhile and it needed something more, I couldn’t work it out, I sent it to Christian and a couple of days later he sent back his idea, it was way, way more on point and from there we finished the track you hear today.

On top of the release you will also be doing a worldwide tour. Any dates you are particulalry excited for?
We’re going to announce the full tour mid April but I’ve already been to Australia / New Zealand, I guess it was my 10th, 12th tour there and it was a fantastic way to start the tour and finish my last shows there. Pretty much every show was booked for 2 hours and I ended up playing 5. BPM was also fantastic with Dubfire. There is a lot in store and i’m just really honoured to be able to play with so many friends, hero’s, great clubs and festivals. The next date’s i’m playing before the big announcement will be Elrow, London, Hive, Zurich and then Miami Music Week at Birdhouse for Vonstroke and I’m doing a ‘Thanks For Dropping By’ party at Coyo Taco on Saturday 25th playing all night back to back with guys like Justin Martin, Harry Romero, Junior Sanchez, Harvard Bass and some very special guests.

Finally, if there was one thing from your career you would like to be the most ever lasting, what would it be?
I guess the biggest thing for me is not producing 300 odd tracks, or remixing another 100, not really the residencies or the touring but being able to support for the last 15 years or so a lot of young artists to come through from Oliver Dollar, Zombie Disco Squad to Riva Starr and Christian Neilsen it’s been an amazing part of my life to watch these guys and many more grow. I wouldn’t be here without my mate Dave Taylor (Switch), he pushed me to be a producer in my own right and that is something that each person should pass down I believe. The best way to win is to give.