Just A Little launched Saturday 26 May 2012 in an unrivalled style. The crew stands for great parties in incredible venues, and all elevated with a highly personal touch.

Sam Tucker always tries to do something different with Just A Little and through many creative elements they manage to create something new each time. It all started in Leeds, but now, Just A Little also hosts events in London where they will host the Global Rhythms night with Gilles Peterson.

Just a Little and Tremors’ next event with Gilles Peterson, Channel One Sound System, Romare, Werkha (full live band) + more will take place at Oval Space on August 1st.

“Clubbing has lost a touch of its soul and we want to bring that back.”

How and when did you get into promoting, and why?

I first got in to music production when I was about 14 at school which led to being asked to DJ at a friend’s night, which gave me my first real buzz for clubbing. After that I started playing out more and more and then decided to put on my first night at Inigo in Clapham Junction. It was called State of Flux and the rest is history!

What skills do you think it takes to be a good and successful promoter? Have you had to learn on the job, and if so, what have been the key lessons learnt?

HARD WORK, often things don’t go to plan even when you think you’ve got the best bookings, venue or dates. Most importantly you’ve got to keep your ear to the ground, you can’t just stick an event on Facebook and hope for the best, you need to get out to other nights and find out what people are into and what reception your parties are getting and what you can do to improve. I’ve learnt most things on the job, normally through mistakes.

How come you have so many different projects on the go, are they all personal passions, or are some about business and expansion? What if anything ties them all together?

All the different projects we put on are more of an ethos rather than a purely business-driven money machine. Yes we have to make money to operate the business, but the lower risk nights help us take the bigger punts on the big bookings. One thing that ties our events together tends to be our creative direction, all our artwork for our events is 100% hand drawn and we try and bring an element of creativity to each event.

Tell us about the new festival you are doing in Leeds – what makes it special, what stands it apart from others in the region?

Patterns is something George and I have been working on for a couple years. We have been looking into festival sites around Leeds for a while and doing our homework about what we need to do to get it off the ground. The launch at Canal Mills was great, and we have big plans for next year to expand it.

We really want it to be a creative project with a real variety of music, art, food & more. We’re bored of going to a gig and staring at a DJ with his/her face buried in a mixer twiddling the odd knob. Clubbing has lost a touch of its soul and we want to bring that back.

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