How do Avotre & Gruuv complement each other as labels, especially for a dual label showcase evening?
The good thing is they are all good friends so it will be like a family underneath the arches. The labels both represent a similar sound but brought by both head honchos of the label. Its almost like a battle off to see who will be playing the best Tech House. Be good to see.

Describe Bankside Vaults as a venue?  What aspects make it unique?  What kind of atmosphere does it bring to the table in the vast London nightlife scene?
The venue is a pretty unique venue that is off the radar to most clubbers. It’s directly underneath Blackfriars station on the Thames, holds a 24 hour licence and is all 3D Mapped. So if 1000+ are still there at 6am we are rolling through until everyone leaves. It’s now the home for Undone so we have a good amount of events planned there moving forward. And something extremely big towards the end of the year.

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of putting on a quality event in London? How do you break through the crowds and target your audience?
Booking the artists is very challenging in London. We recently flew to Berlin to meet a few of the worlds leading agents and even they said that the most requests from around the world come from London. With so many key artists on lock with certain promoters it’s difficult to put on the shows you want too. However we are breaking down a few doors and have managed to secure some really good artists moving forward.

Any other summer events that you have coming up that you are really excited about?
Absolutely. we run a few different parties, Vertical, Avant Garde. Apparat at Oval Space is definitely the one I’m looking forward too. He’s rarely in the UK so I’m happy to have landed him. We also have Trentemoller booked in October who is a personal hero of mine so cannot wait for that.

Undone with the Avotre and Gruuv Showcase at Bankside Vaults, London is Friday 19th June


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