Galcher Lustwerk became one of 2013’s most rejoiced producers when he dropped the 100% Galcher mixtape for Blowing Up The Workshop. The simple mix of vocals spliced with bare bones type house beats captured the imaginations of music lovers around the globe and resulted in the mixtape being voted ‘Best Online Mix’ by Resident Advisor’s discerning audience.

So far the Clevelander has only released his music via White Material, his own label. However, this month his Nu Day EP lands on Tsuba, the UK label which now operates out of Australia. Head honcho Kevin Griffiths is the first very fortunate label owner to bag four of Galcher’s effortlessly louche and classy cuts.

Anyone who’s familiar with Galcher’s work will feel immediately at home with this EP, and even if you haven’t heard much of his music before there’s a calming familiarity about it – although, at the same time, it feels fresh.

The opener “Fate“, sounds like a blissful journey up into the cosmos aboard a dainty spaceship, with its tinkling effects and intergalactic keys. The breezy atmosphere draws you in and soothes your soul, the beats are solid though not too imposing as to overshadow Galcher’s spaced out melodies. Towards the latter part of the track a fuzzy bass note adds a slight air of menace, driving the track along to a spirited end.

Nu Day 2” continues the wistful, woozy atmosphere of “Fate“, though its more like the soundtrack to a trip out to the countryside than a ride up into the stars. The melodies are familiar and uplifting, warm and cosy. The keys and pads are generally smooth, yet they occasionally become slightly agitated and electrified. Lush.

The good work continues on side B, with “216” (the area code of his hometown Cleveland) which features Galcher’s crisp voice repeating a mantra throughout as the beats ride over another mesmerisingly smooth bassline. Midway through the vocals begin to fade away leaving the genial instrumental to do its work.

Last up is “Chillin’ In The Booth“, an ode to that special someone on the dancefloor – “Chillin in the booth, thinkin about you, what you wanna do…” he says as the skippy percussion works off twanging strings, a chugging bassline and muted chimes. Whoever he’s speaking to, we’re sure they’ll have melted into a puddle by the end of this sultry track.

Overall, one of the EPs of the year so far in our humble opinion…

Text: Marcus Barnes

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