Paolo Rocco’s last EP was featured right here on Deep House London not too long ago, and now he’s back with a brand spanking new four-tracker for French label La Vie En Rose. “I Know You Wanna Say It” features two tracks which come in both ‘vox’ and ‘dub’ versions for those who like to be able to choose whether they have a vocal or not.

The title track is typical Paolo Rocco, which is no bad thing at all… Crisp percussion sits on top of an analogue b-line that oozes funk. As the track progresses Rocco introduces a breezy female vocal which repeats the title of the track over and over. It’s a simple, but very effective track which is perfect for summertime sets, particularly when the smooth pads wash over you in the latter part of the track giving it an uplifting quality, especially that extended breakdown around the 4-minute mark. Joyous. The dub version strips away some of the elements of the vox, so there’s no breakdown and minimal use of the vocal, but still a bouncing, engaging piece of music.

On the flip we have “Get Social”, a slow burner which takes a while to really get going – the intro is around two minutes long in fact. An ultra cool male voice pops in after the extended intro and gets the track going with its warped effects, grooving bassline and captivating use of pads. The dub mix plays out minus the vocal in its entirety, but is pretty much the same apart from that.

Hats off to Paolo Rocco and La Vie En Rose, another hot one.

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I Know You Wanna Say It EP

Paolo Rocco Presents “I Know U Wanna Say It” by La Vie En Rose