One of the house world’s standout names in recent years has been Solomun, from the rise and influence of his label Diynamic, to picking up a residency at Pacha in Ibiza, where his ‘Solomun +1’ party has taken off in a big way, the German star has made his presence felt and continues to pour his heart and soul into building his career. With so much energy put into touring and putting on parties all over the world, he hasn’t had much time to make new music, which makes this new EP a treat for all his fans.

On the “Samson” EP we get two new tracks and a ‘Strings Only’ version of the title track (more on that in a bit). The first track we encounter is “Medea“, which starts off reasonably unassuming with a whirring bassline, a ‘barely there’ kick and crisp percussion. As the track evolves and grows, a sprinkling of effects is cast over its bones though never too much. The overall make-up of this track is quite minimal, the atmosphere eerie and tense – midway through Solomun gets loose with some retro, electro sounds which precede a short breakdown. After which point there’s more of that squelchy electro synth in full effect. At almost 10 minutes long it’s almost like a theme tune for a chase sequence, in fact  you could probably mute a chase scene from a movie and play this over it – try it yourself!

On the flip we have the title track, “Samson” which has stuttered drums and claps mixed up with a softened b-line which is, again, quite unassuming and not too upfront. The main attraction on this production is the strings – layers of them produce a big room, orchestral sound… it’s sure to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up on end. Perfect for providing those unforgettable dancefloor moments – around the four minute mark there’s a hushed silence followed by an opera singer (yes, seriously!) warbling over a melodramatic bassline, before it continues to bounce along to the finish.

Finally Solomun gives us the ‘Strings Only‘ mix, which as you might expect has no drums or bass – just the strings and the stirring opera singing.

It’s a bit of a masterpiece this one. Listen out for it!

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