Here’s a great EP from someone who is undoubtedly one to watch – Motions is currently based in London, but originally hails from Vermont and spent time producing in Canada too (Montreal to be precise). He started out as one half of Grown Folk but recently stepped out on his own and relocated to our capital city to further his career after finishing his studies. So here we are – one of his first EPs as a solo artists comes courtesy of LA’s Body High label, owned by Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL.

All Gone” is the name of this EP and it focuses on a celestial, emotive sound – beauty is the word that best applies to the music on offer here. Each of the four tracks is emotionally charged and melodramatic in some way, take the title track for instance with its slow build up punctuated by soft keys and a solemn bassline that leads into a whirling synth line. As it progresses the sounds become more manic and higher in pitch until we hit a peak around three minutes, during the breakdown soft cosmic bleeps sneak in along with the slightest hint of a vocal, a snare ups the ante somewhat and it carries on in the same vein until it eventually peters out.

Next up is “Never Seen“, which works off a smooth, groovy groaning bassline surrounded by chirps and supported by stuttering percussion. Light pads create a bright atmosphere and it feels like a journey through a meadow in spring time, cheesy to say but it’s true. Lovely. On the B-side, “Orion” has a more serious tone the analogue bleeps joining forces with a powerful bassline and drum programming that bounds along with a great energy. Midway through we have a galactic breakdown with all the elements combining with a a double arpeggio, running upwards together with a vocal snippet that echoes in and out of the background. Mesmerising.

Last up is “Again Lost Soon Found” with its organic drums, in-your-face snare and epic, soundtracky composition. It’s like the soundtrack to an interstellar journey to Proxima Centauri, you can really drift off to this one, close your eyes and feel as though you’re traveling through space. There’s a serenity that lies at its heart, even though it’s quite busy at times.

Overall, this is a great EP with four tracks that will take people to the furthest recesses of the universe (and their minds too) – brilliant. Make sure you keep an eye on Motions, he’s got more great stuff on the way.

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All Gone