Though the financial impact of the UK’s extensive nightlife infrastructure may come as no surprise, a recent valuation of its some £66 Bn worth does.

The recently released Forward Into The Night report, which aims to quantify nightlife’s cultural and economic impact on the capital, and was commissioned by lobbying organisation Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), highlights several aspects of the nightlife industry while also offering a few tips, especially ahead of the London tube’s new 24 hour service launch.

“Lighting up our streets, employing 8 percent of our workforce—a large proportion of whom are young—paying business rates and as active stakeholders in our local communities, our industry simply makes Britain better,” says NTIA chairman Alan D. Miller.

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But the report doesn’t stop there. It also addresses issues of crime and safety: . “The attempt to extend regulation of the night-time economy or curb its activities will do very little to reduce the problem of alcoholism or violent crime,” it reads. “Venues are now safer than ever. Most alcohol is consumed outside licensed pubs and bars.”

The report also presented a series of recommendations relating to UK nightlife. The below being two highlights. You can find the rest of the recommendations, as well as the report in full – HERE

– For the night-time economy (NTE) to flourish in the UK, the industry needs to work together to collectively gain favour with policymakers and the police

– The evident social and cultural readjustment to the night-time economy should be accounted for through fair regulation across licensing, planning, entry procedures, and crime. The police and local authorities need to realise the value to the NTE has to local communities

Source: Telegraph