Legoland Windsor has provided a new exhibit which hopefully can begin to alleviate some of the pain from not acquiring a ticket to the actual event with its detailed Lego Glastonbury.

Complete with Lego Florence and the Machine, The Who, Kanye West, a broken legged Dave Grohl, and (for some reason) Kim Kardashian took a team of builders 720 hours, using over 9000 bricks.

Featuring a main tent (built to scale), port-a-loos, and mud sliding festival goers sliding in real Glastonbury Festival mud delivered direct to Legoland from Worthy Farm.

“The Model Makers have had a huge amount of fun creating the scene and the Festival team have been really helpful giving us stage dimensions and sending a special consignment of Glastonbury ‘mud’ fresh from the farm,” said a Legoland spokesperson.

The exhibit is open until the end of festival season

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Source: NME