Marc Miroir is the boss at the Berlin-based Paso Music label. A true innovator in his field, he’s been working as a DJ and producer for over two decades now, and shows no sign of wanting to give up any time soon.

If anything, Miroir’s work is only getting better with age, which comes to light quite brilliantly on his latest EP, Let Me Go. The release has just been granted a brilliant selection of remixes by the likes of Fred P and Deadbeat, so we decided to drop into Marc for a quick chat…

“I don’t like playing disco or pop in my sets.”

Are you busy at the moment? What’s really exciting you these days?
I just started to work on my new album, which is going to feature a lot of club tracks. I’m also very excited about my own monthly party, “Members”, in Berlin´s Kosmonaut club, which is growing and becoming more crowded. We just opened the club’s garden which is very cool too.

My label work on Paso Music is also very exciting, and I’m now running that on my own. So it’s a lot of work between listening to demos, production and the promotion, but after all these years, I still love it.

Tell us about the remix package on Paso. What inspired and influenced you to get this one remixed?
Elif Biçer and I still love our original track, because we made it with passion and love. We think that it´s the perfect tune to get remixed by our favourite artists, and we are more than happy with the results.

How do you think you have evolved and changed in musical terms since you first came involved?
I’ve been working as a DJ for more than 20 years, and a lot’s changed since then. I still play vinyl in Berlin, but when I’m travelling around it is more comfortable to play with USB. Especially when there are rarely 1210 turntables in all the clubs.

Of course, my musical style has developed, but my style was and is always between techno and house. I love playing long sets where I can play different styles. But always electronic music. I don’t like playing disco or pop in my sets.

Change wise, how do you think the scene has changed for the good and the bad since you started out?
When I started in 1993 the electronic music scene was small and it was one scene. Everybody loved the same music! The music was very special and the vinyl was hard to get. Now the scene is divided into different styles: techno, hard techno, house, tech house, electro….sometimes I feel it’s all a bit ridiculous. I don´t like this separation between techno and house. When I play a long set, I usually play several styles.

Now music is easy to get, even for free. That´s a bad development. Due to the digitalization of DJing, everybody can do it. Some guys think it’s all about getting famous and big gigs – which it obviously isn’t.

Do you think there’s such thing as the ‘underground’ any more? Is there still one to be found in Berlin do you think?
I guess it depends what you define as the ‘underground’. If you consider the likes of Berghain to be underground, then for sure there is.

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