What motivated you back then to make music? And what motivates you now?
In the beginning I simply didn’t want to do anything else. Happily 15 years on that is still very much true.

What would you say is your greatest achievement from a musical perspective? Is your greatest achievement necessarily your proudest one?
Without a doubt being asked to remix the Orb and Lee Scratch Perry last year not once, but twice. They also gave me the vinyl rights to put out the mixes on my label BLKRTZ. There really is no better feeling then being asked to remix your heroes.

You have a release due out on Visionquest soon that I believe is essentially a remix of an old release of yours. What made you want to revisit it? And how did you find the whole process?
The Mecca Drum Jack track was one that Ryan was always a fan of and I still remember the look on his face when I played it for him at an after party many years ago here in Berlin. I had been playing an edit of it out in my sets recently and thought it might be a good time to put it out there again, so I gave him a call and the rest is history as they say.

How are things going in Berlin for you right now? Does it still fascinate you like it did when you first moved there?
Yes I still find it an incredibly inspiring place to be musically and it is a wonderful place to be raising a family.

Do you ever see yourself moving home or are you very settled there these days?
For the time being I would say we are very happy here and don’t see heading home to Canada as an option anytime soon, particularly with the psychotically right wing Harper government running the country into the ground. It’s incredibly depressing really. There used to be a measure of pried associated with saying you were Canadian, now we are one of the worst environmental offenders in the world, have a pathetic human rights record with our own native communities which is only getting worse. The government is passing domestic security laws even more draconian than the US Patriot act that came in after 9/11, they’ve gutted the national public broadcaster and Canada Council for the Arts… I could go on for days. No great surprise then that you find so many Canadian artists over here in Europe these days with very little interest in going back.

If your house was burning down and you could only save one thing what would it be?
My daughter obviously.

And what 3 items would you bring to a desert island?
A salt water based power generator, laptop computer with satellite wifi, and a credit card. A few large orders from Amazon and a deftly negotiated sponsorship deal from a Jamaican Rum company and I’d have the place tricked out and ready to invite the friends to come and party on our own little slice of paradise within a week.

What’s next on the agenda for Deadbeat then?
This month I’m working hard to finish my 10th album, Walls and Dimensions which will be coming out on my BLKRTZ label at the end of October. I’ll be releasing 2 vinyl only singles in the run up to it, the first is a 40 minute drone ambient piece and the second features extended dubs of 2 of the tracks from the album. I’ll be back on the road in August and for the majority of the rest of the year. Looking very much forward to sharing the new tunes with people.

Deadbeat’s The Jacks EP is out soon on Visionquest .

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