Most disappointing moment in Leftroom existence?
The label nearly closing down after 2 years when our distributor Intergroove went bust.

Describe Leftroom album artwork?
It has changed so many times over the years that it is hard to nail down, but our logo has always stayed true. Our motto has stayed with us also – ‘The Extended Family.’

Best Leftroom showcase?
Off Sonar Hotel Catalonia rooftop with Culprit when I got to play back2back with Lee Burridge. Once of the best parties I have ever been to… PICTURE ATTACHED!!!

Worst Leftroom showcase?
A handful that have got cancelled last minute by the promoters due to venue reasons.

Dream Leftroom artist?
Derrick Carter closely followed by Larry Heard AKA Mr Fingers

Most important business/music app/program/software?

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
DJing – 3 days
Office – Haven’t stopped

Upcoming projects?
We have a new label starting in 2016 called Leftroom Editions which is new remixes of old classic Leftroom and Leftroom Limited releases over the last ten years. The Leftroom side of things has been concentrating mainly around our Ten Years compilation which is out on Dec 4th. But for the start of 2016 we are putting finishing touches to a follow up EP from Route 94, and a huge release from Jey Kermis which is probably one of the biggest stand out records I have ever signed. On Leftroom Limited we have a huge release by Just Be, another EP from Neil Parkes featuring a Denney remix, and a bomb EP from jozif which I think is his best work to date. A few labels were chasing it, but I got in their first!!!

“10 Years of Leftroom” is out 4 December

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1. Superpitcher – Rabbits In a Hurry (Sascha Funke’s JD Is The One Rabbits Remix) [Kompakt]
2. MHM1 – Bubububadub [Tartelet Records]
3. Laura Jones – Love in Me (Mr KS Remix) [Leftroom]
4. Mihai Popoviciu – Rotate [Poker Flat]
5. Audiojack – Lethe [Culprit]
6. Upercent – Never Give Up (Alex Lario remix) [Suruba]
7. Black Loops – Eat My Stab [Gruuv]
8. Audiojack – Vibrate [Hot Creations]
9. Audiojack – Robot (10 Year Reincarnation) [Leftroom]
10. Audiojack – Plastic Dreams (20 Year Tribute) [Gruuv]
11. Audiojack – Nefelibata [Culprit]