Describe 3 seminal moments in Snatch existence?
First Snatch stage at Creamfields and Tomorrowland, Logo and image rebranding, and first top 10 overall on Beatport this year with Pele & Shawnecy.

Most disappointing moment in Snatch existence?
Whenever an artist gives us a track that I decide to sign and then they say after a few days they’ve decided to give it to another label. That’s the worst and most unprofessional thing a producer can do.

Describe Snatch album artwork?
Irreverent, funny, different. We’re a bit punk ourselves 🙂

Best Snatch showcase?
SNATCH! Tent at Tomorrowland (but there have been plenty)

Worst Snatch showcase?
The first party we did in London back in 2010, no one knew us and it was a disaster but we still got drunk and had fun LOL!

Dream Snatch artist?
Whoever does big tunes!

Most important business/music app/program/software?

Longest Day(s) ever worked?

Upcoming projects?
We got so much new music that it’s hard to name just one… watch out for my next release on Snatch to be released in May!

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1. Keeno18-AJH
2. Gel Abril-Red Road
3. Snatch Records Test
4. Audiojack-interlude
5. RIva Starr-Without You
6. Santos-Let Me Understand Rec Test
7. Kink-Chorus
8. unknown
9. SNATCH Records test
10. Claus Casper, Jean Philips-Pandora
11. Riva Starr & Haiku 575 – Owls & Toucans
12 Almanegra-Mageko
13. Dj Duke-Tribal Journey
14. One Kiss-Fatheors of sound mix