​Describe 3 seminal moments in Intec existence?
When the label released Renato Cohen ‘Pontape’ (still one of the most unique techno records ever made), Bryan Zentz ‘D Clash’, and Knick Knack going to No1 for 6 weeks on the overall Beatport genre chart (a personal moment too with having written it).

​Most disappointing moment in Intec existence?
Making the decision to take a break. I’d been at the label a year at that point. It was tough, really tough with vinyl really decreasing at a rate that was starting to hurt us. Downloads were still an emerging revenue for us, and we were both touring heavily at the same time. We decided lets just tour and see what’s out there and what’s happening, what people are talking about and take a bit of the pressure of ourselves from the label side of things.

​Describe Intec album artwork?
Each piece depicts an image from where that artist is from, so that it represents them fully and their background. We put twists on it to make it more interesting and art lead too.

​Best Intec showcase?
There have been a few for sure, doing Awakenings at The Gashouder in Amsterdam during ADE a few years ago was an amazing atmosphere. Every DJ brought their best and we all got to hang out properly all night too, which is always good for our​​ collectiveness. Another great one was last year on Easter weekend at Fabric in London. We took over the whole club with artists and everything just clicked, its such a great club to play in.

​Worst Intec showcase?
In the early days of relaunching we did a small party in London, no one turned up really. It was too soon for us on reflection, so we went back to the drawing board, waited and built the label up more through releases, then began to do the parties we do at the likes of Fabric, Awakenings and Under Club.

​Dream Intec artist?
Laurent Garnier. For both Carl and me. So if he’s reading please send us something!

​Most important business/music app/program/software?
With the advent of social media, software like ​​Hootsuite has been great with keeping track of everything and scheduling posts across outlets, it saves a lot of time. For production, Ableton has really come on now, I made the switch from Logic about a year ago and glad I did, as using it also saves me time. Traktor has obviously had a huge impact on the way people DJ too, personally I use Rekordbox and USB’s as I prefer carrying less into a club and not having to plug cables in, and you guessed it, that also saves me time, which means I can put more into the label and producing.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
I guess I’m not really your typical label manager, and there aren’t really any set hours in all this as such. You deal with people in different time zones every day, I work on label things, have meetings, record mixes like this one, do interviews, book artists for events, talk to the clubs to make those events happen, produce plenty of music and tour most weekends. The longest day I ever had was in South America, I played a gig on Thursday night in Cordoba, left the venue and flew to Bogota in Colombia, travelling all day to get there. In the lay over in Peru I had 5 hours wait and some pretty urgent label things to attend to so got cracking. I got to Bogota and played that night and left the next morning to get to the next place without really ever sleeping properly the whole time.

Upcoming projects?
We just reached our 100th release since coming back​, it’s​ our 5th year back. So that was a recent milestone and big project. Next we have just signed more exciting new artists whose music we believe in as well as from some of our more recent ones. Event wise we are looking at Sonar next and I’m just in the middle of working it all out, and after that ADE. In the mean time we have some great EP’s coming from ​​Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink, Ramiro Lopez, Fabio Neural and Matt Sassari & D Unit and Reinier Zonneveld, Digital Primate & Axan over the coming months to look out for.

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Copy Paste Soul – CTRL
Carl Cox – Your Light Shines On
Matt Sassari & D Unity – Fired Up
Jon Rundell – Jack The Bass
Mattew Jay – Nightlife In Brooklyn
Ramiro Lopez – Backtrip
Harvey McKay – Something Good
DJ Jock – Raw Love
Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink – Reconstruction
Stephan Hinz & Philipp Ruhmhardt – Kachel
Ian O Donvan – Gauntlet
Pirupa – Ray Of Light