Describe 3 seminal moments in Family NAME existence?
– The very first release and that moment you listen to the test pressing is a kind of birthday.

– Then, the decision to stop vinyl was not a burial (we don’t exclude to do some in the future)… but made us think the label tight economy differently.

– The new dynamics we have inspired a few months ago is definitely motivating and opens a new era for the label, with many things to come.

Most disappointing moment in Family NAME existence?
The bankruptcy of our last distributor was for sure a pretty bad moment to live, more for them than us, surely. But it was actually an occasion to give a new start to Family NAME.

Describe Family NAME album artwork?
They are Peace portraits by Fanny Bouyagui, head and soul of NAME festival. She is also a plastician working in many fields above music. For years, she has enlaced people with her strong, tattooed arm. From superstars DJs to refugees in Calais, anonymous people in the street to Massai in Kenya… She has now shot about 10,000 of these portraits…We also love minimalistic black and white artwork – some do it well – but more than ever, we consider Peace as a trendy message.

Best Family NAME showcase?
Family NAME hosts a monthly residency in Magazine Club, Lille for now 6 years, inviting incredible artists. We have there plenty of good memories. But the very first Family NAME parties we set were in Tri Postal, a former great venue in Lille. I have in mind a big moment with Andrew Weatherall…

Worst Family NAME showcase?
We had a Family night in Lille last year in November, a few days after the Paris attack. We decided not to cancel, and many people attended. There was probably a kind of cathartic purpose. But obviously if bodies were present, minds were not…

Dream Family NAME artist?
I would say Björk, ahah. This won’t happen, so it’s a dream.

On another side, the dream artist would simply be the very unknown one that we launch and raise to the top.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
Ableton, Soundcloud, Traktor…the list is long and well known, but only depends the way you use them. The most important remains what you have in mind.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
The longest days of work happen, strangely, always in September (NAME festival is early October) This one won’t be different, with some studio deadlines and many work to prepare the NAME 12th edition. This is exhausting, but we definitely love it.

Upcoming projects?
Many Releases and parties in the pipeline!!! To come very soon on Family NAME, some releases by APM001, Matthus Raman, Anton Dhouran, Villanova, the french duo we particularly appreciate, and from the core artists of the label (Mainro, Peo Watson, Blac, Hap…). Also, some remixes by CYRK, Konvex & The Shadow, Marvin & Guy, and more … We also work on the first Family NAME compilation for next year, our residency in Lille, parties in Paris and – exclusive – we just confirmed the first winter edition of NAME, which should be a great showcase for Family NAME artists.

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1. Miguel Puente – Enki (Hyenah’s Epic Afro Remix) [Akbal Music]
2. Francesco Chiocci, Black Soda – Black Sunrise (Peter Pardeike Remix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
3. Ingrid Lukas – We Are (Manuel Tur Remix II) [Ronin Rhythm Records]
4. Nandu – Glömde (Love Over Entropy Remix) [OFF Recordings]
5. Tim Green – For A Memory [Get Weird]
6. Buran – Hirst [Beachcoma]
7. Chris Tietjens – Cirque Magique (Mainro Remix) [Cirque Magique Records] UNRELEASED
8. Konvex & The Shadow – Lost [AZZUR] UNRELEASED
9. APM001 – The Fall (Mainro Remix) [Family N.A.M.E. Records] UNRELEASED
10. Human Machine – Cleon [Exit Strategy]
11. Atelier Francesco – Dead End feat. Astrid (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [Cityfox]
12. Thodoris Triantafillou, Echonomist – Comodia [Connaisseur Recordings]
13. Florian Kruse, Hendrik Burkhard – Moments [Poker Flat Recordings]
14. D.Y.A – Do It [SOLIDE]