Photographer Vinca Peterson spent the the better part of the 1990s traveling around Europe, organizing illegal raves, and documenting them in photographs.

Published in 1999, her book No System documents these events, of which she describes as, “I was witnessing extraordinary events and living through situations that memory alone was incapable of recording in all the vivid detail. Photography became a way of storing images of the scenes which I could then use as aids to remembering.” 

Throughout the decade Petersen cruised through Europe with her convoy of like-minded peers, organizing illegal music events, raves and festivals. She lived with her friends in old vans, buses or caravans, constantly searching for wasteland or abandoned buildings to set up their sound systems. Petersen photographed the everyday existence of these communities. In the book, the pictures are accompanied by her personal diary notes describing the forms of autonomy and self organization of the “tribes”, explaining that these people don’t want to rebel as much as to live outside the system.

Take a look at some of the photos in the gallery below an relive the bygone era of illegal 90s rave.

You can purchase No System – here

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Source: Dazed Digital